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November 21, 2017
- Village Voice
For more than 25 years, the Village of Winston Park has welcomed seniors into its long-term care and retirement neighbourhoods, always seeking to offer the best holistic care possible in an environment that truly feels like home. Much has changed in that time in terms of how society approaches... Read more
November 17, 2017
- Ask the Expert, Village Voice
Schlegel Villages is proud to provide its residents with access to the expertise of Kinesiologists and Exercise Therapists in each village. These specialists are passionate about the physical health and well being of the people they serve, and they can be found every day in the fitness centres... Read more
November 14, 2017
- Village Voice
If Jake Corrent had to pick only one thought for people to consider in relation to preventing falls in long-term care and retirement settings, he’d say: “it’s everyone’s responsibility.” Since he began working at The Village of Aspen Lake in Windsor in 2014 as an exercise therapist, Jake has taken... Read more
November 9, 2017
- Village Voice
The stories and lessons carried home from the battlefields of war have always carried warnings. They were endless, it must have seemed, as the 1940s came to an end and the rubble of the Second World War made way for the rebuilding of nations. And yet, the warnings seemed to have gone unheeded... Read more
November 7, 2017
- Village Voice
On a clear September morning, George Madalena steps out from the kitchen at The Village of Arbour Trails where he spends the bulk of his time. As the Director of Food and Hospitality in the Village, George is one of the key people residents want to know, for he oversees what for many consider to be... Read more
November 3, 2017
- Village Voice
Audrey Andersen sits in the country kitchen with some of her fellow residents in Nichol neighbourhood at Riverside Glen, still in the circle they’d gathered in when their young guests joined them for a new intergenerational music program. This is the fourth week the 45-minute sessions have been... Read more
October 31, 2017
- Village Voice
Moises and Maria Oliveira sit together on Main Street in the Village of Sandalwood Park, holding hands as they talk, laughing the whole time it seems. She always made him laugh, Moises says: “She says so many things to make everybody laugh.” Maria and Moises Oliveira say the love from the team at... Read more
October 26, 2017
- Village Voice
A story of perseverance and transformation from Riverside Glen On a clear Thursday morning in Guelph, personal support workers Mandi McEwan and Jen Thompsen arrive in Mapleton neighbourhood at The Village of Riverside Glen with coffees in hand and bright smiles upon their faces. Even though it’s... Read more
October 24, 2017
- Village Voice
When Anjali Thatte began volunteering alongside horticultural therapist Nancy McPhee in the greenhouse at The Village of Erin Meadows in early 2014, she saw it as a pleasant duty she had to complete. She had no experience with long-term care and no idea what to expect. It wasn’t long, however,... Read more
October 18, 2017
- Village Voice
The unmistakable sounds of South Asia flood over Main Street in the Village of Sandalwood Park as it’s transformed into Diwali Mela, a festival to honour one of the world’s most celebrated Hindu traditions. Team members, families and residents were all in festive spirit for Diwali Mela at... Read more