Latest Village Voice (Coleman Care Centre)

Helen and Helen were two of the models who helped make a Coleman Care Centre Fashion show special.
September 18, 2018
- Village Voice
Helen M., a resident at Coleman Care Centre in Barrie, was thrilled to be part of a late summer/early fall Fashion Show, organized by the team members and hosted by the residents. “At my age of 92 I have never been in a fashion show and I can’t believe I made it into one,” Helen says, her... Read more
April 27, 2018
- Village Voice
Team and Residents Cheer the Long Awaited News When Coleman Care Centre first became part of the Schlegel Villages family eight years ago, the vision was always for the original 112-bed long-term care home to be redeveloped to encompass the full continuum of care that defines the village concept... Read more
February 16, 2016
- Village Voice
Coleman Care Centre’s Erlinda Tallim shares her insights By Kristian Partington Throughout much of 2015, Erlinda Tallim, the director of food services at Barrie’s Coleman Care Centre, was among a group of more than 20 Schlegel Villages team members who took part in the Leadership Program for Long-... Read more
February 3, 2015
- Village Voice
Coleman Care Centre’s John Heitmar By Kristian Partington John Heitmar exudes a quiet sort of contentment as he sits by the window in his room at Coleman Care Centre with the winter sun shining in on him. Maybe it’s the easy smile on his face or the dripping Hungarian accent, but as he shares... Read more
January 29, 2015
- Village Voice
‘I don’t like to see anybody sitting in their room downhearted,’ says Gord McIntee By Kristian Partington Within days of arriving at his new home at Coleman Care Centre in Barrie, Gord McIntee found himself sitting in on the Residents’ Council meeting. When he left the meeting, he was the new... Read more
January 27, 2015
- Village Voice
The team at Coleman Care Centre makes the home, says family member By Kristian Partington Doris Kottik and her daughter, Lin, are sitting over a scrabble board in a bright room at the far end of the eastern hall at Coleman Care Centre. The winter sun pours in over the green of the many plants that... Read more