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It may seem like small things, but the lovely food and drink spread throughout the Bingeman’s Conference Hall in Kitchener this day represent the wealth of knowledge and wisdom held in the minds and hearts of the elders of our communities. Residents, loved ones, team members and volunteers from 18 villages gather together in the collective love of food and fellowship to share their memories and stories with friends old and new.
June 6, 2019
- Village Voice
The sign at the table says “Piccoli’s Pizza;” tucked behind it is Aldo Piccoli, his wife Anna and their daughter Franca, while spread out across the dark tablecloth are two versions of the gift they’ve created for today’s Pursuit of Passions event. “We make a lotta’ pizza,” Aldo says, his Italian... Read more
Brian Leyes was honoured with an Ontario Senior Achievement Award for his contributions to life in The Village of Taunton Mills. 
November 27, 2018
- Village Voice
Brian Leyes was in good company on Nov. 23 when he came before The Honourable Elizabeth Dowdeswell, Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, to receive one of 16 Ontario Senior Achievement Awards during a ceremony at Queen’s Park in Toronto. Brian Leyes, (front left) was honoured with an Ontario Senior... Read more
October 23, 2018
- Village Voice
In most cases, when somebody requires the support of a long-term care home and they finally make the move to become a resident in one, it’s the last move they make in life. Ideally, they are cared for and supported by a dedicated team filled with compassion, and they live the last stage of their... Read more
Keith is one of the residents Analyn is honoured to support in The Village of Taunton Mills. 
September 4, 2018
- Village Voice
It was a cold day in early March when Analyn Jabal saved a dying man’s life. She remembers it vividly nearly seven months later as she sits in the quiet library of the Taunton Mills neighbourhood where she works as a Personal Support Worker. It wasn’t in The Village, however, where her CPR training... Read more
Celebrating at The Village of Taunton Mills in Whitby
August 30, 2018
- Village Voice
“En tres años, I have 100 years,” says Raúl Fernandez Angulo. He’s sitting quietly in the community centre after the party he helped launch on Main Street in The Village of Taunton Mills has ended. Raúl is 97 years old, he’s saying through a blend of Spanish and broken English, old enough to know... Read more
RIA, UW Engineers and Taunton Mills Tackling Falls Prevention through Technology
August 8, 2018
- Village Voice
The relationship between Schlegel Villages and the researchers, students and partners with the Schlegel-UW Research Institute for Aging carries many benefits for all involved. During two days in June when both organizations hosted the annual Innovation Summit, drawing representatives of all... Read more
Customer Experience Panel at Schlegel Villages Leadership retreat
May 15, 2018
- Village Voice
The idea of treating the people who live in a long-term care or retirement setting as ‘patients’ being treated for the symptoms of old age is no longer acceptable within any organization that wants to be successful in the sector. The fact is, these residents are people accessing a service and just... Read more
December 19, 2017
- Village Voice
Irene Cherrett and Bernice Kaiser sit in a the big open space of the secondary community centre in The Village of Taunton Mills, surveying the evidence of months of work in the stacks of boxes lining the far wall near a lone Christmas tree. Gifts for 268 children are packed inside – knitted hats,... Read more
December 8, 2017
- Village Voice
The sounds and smells of the Christmas season fill Main Street in the Village of Taunton Mills on a Thursday afternoon. Upstairs in the Egerton neighbourhood, the mood is the same as neighbours gather to share food, drink and the delights of the season together. Christmas smiles were in full force... Read more
June 7, 2017
- Village Voice
Social Media Campaign helps push notions of ageism aside Lou Watson, or Lila Mae if you were to look at the birth certificate issued when she was born in 1933, got her male-sounding nickname when she was still a teenager in high school, the same age as the students at Donald A. Wilson Secondary... Read more