Latest Village Voice (The Village of Sandalwood Park)

June 16, 2015
- Village Voice
Sandalwood Park reflects on the February flood that displaced a neighbourhood By Kristian Partington Walking through The Village of Sandalwood Park in Brampton on a sunny June morning it’s hard to imagine that only a few short months ago a frozen pipe had burst, seriously flooding Sanders... Read more
June 9, 2015
- Village Voice
Grade 7 students from Great Lakes Public School at Sandalwood Park By Kristian Partington The Johnston Neighbourhood at The Village of Sandalwood Park is bustling with activity on this Tuesday morning in early June. The voices of young people and old alike mingle as Grade 7 pupils from Mrs. Ritu... Read more
May 28, 2015
- Village Voice
‘Lunch is on me today’ he says, as he pays the $500 tab By Kristian Partington His name was Ian. That’s all Jennifer Gould really knows about the man who moved her to tears on what was just another day picking up food for the Diner’s Club at The Village of Sandalwood Park in Brampton, where she’s... Read more