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April 17, 2018
- Village Voice
Marianne Gaettens recalls an Open House at her home in The Village of Arbour Trails encouraging residents to get a feeling for what life is like in each of the neighbourhoods throughout the continuum of care. Marianne is among those who live independently with very little need of support, but the... Read more
April 12, 2018
- Village Voice
We are all Humboldt. Across Canada and beyond the physical borders of a nation in mourning, people of all walks of life have felt connected to that phrase in recent days. They’ve come together through small gestures of solidarity to offer a warm embrace to the people of a small prairie town they... Read more
April 10, 2018
- Village Voice
Libby Ryan really only picked up quilting as a hobby when she retired from her career as an occupational therapist, though that means she has more than 30 years of practice in the art. Libby Ryan and the dignity quilt she made for Tansley Woods. It’s a passion, she says. Wall hangings or baby’s... Read more
The sense of compassion and generosity Emma and Wilfred Schlegel instilled in their family and community continues to inspire people today. 
April 9, 2018
- Village Voice
Wilfred Schlegel was a farmer, a businessman and a pastor, all wrapped up in one “very interesting package,” as his grandson Jamie says. The sense of compassion and generosity Emma and Wilfred Schlegel instilled in their family and community continues to inspire people today. “Throughout his life,... Read more
April 5, 2018
- Village Voice
In early April, Jack York, the president and co-founder of It’s Never 2 Late (IN2L), and regional sales manger Debbie Ciesielczyk visited Schlegel Villages to learn a little more about the company’s “preeminent Canadian Customer.” They toured the Research Institute for Aging and the Villages of... Read more
March 29, 2018
- Village Voice
In early March, nearly 400 people from across Canada, the United States and as far away as Japan converged on the Sheraton Hotel and Conference Centre in Niagara Falls for Walk With Me: Changing the Culture of Aging in Canada , hosted by the Schlegel-UW Research Institute for Aging (RIA) and... Read more
March 27, 2018
- Village Voice
Leroy Johnson has written books in the past, but they never tapped into the creative portion of his personality. They were textbooks, written in structured format as teaching tools computer programming language. There is pride in accomplishment, and Ayman (right) was proud to help Leroy in the... Read more
March 22, 2018
- Village Voice
A few years ago, The Village of Erin Meadows shifted its approach to the loss of a resident. For the longest time in the long-term care sector, death was a subject to be hidden from view, supposedly in the hopes of protecting other residents from the reality of their own mortality. But as the shift... Read more
March 20, 2018
- Signature Programs, Village Voice
On a random Thursday in mid-November while wandering through The Village of Tansley Woods in Burlington, the sounds of singing in the community centre off the long-term care Main Street catch my attention. I recognize the music as part of the Java Music Club, and venture in to ask if I might sit in... Read more
March 15, 2018
- Village Voice
For nearly eight years, Schlegel Villages has made a concerted effort to reimagine its approach to service and support for the residents who call the villages home. Beyond the villages, however, this shift in thinking is taking root as more organizations and agencies supporting older adults come to... Read more