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Schlegel Marketplace in final stages of development
Kristian Partington

The final stages in the development of a new team member engagement tool, Schlegel Marketplace, are underway at Schlegel Villages, and the team at support office couldn’t be more excited about the possibilities to come once the new system is launched.

At its core, the strength of Schlegel Villages as an organization lies in each of the nearly 3,000 team members spread out across southern Ontario, says vice-president of human resources, Matt Drown.

To effectively build on that strength, these people must be engaged on an individual level with what’s happening organizationwide, and that’s what the new Schlegel Marketplace, which should launch by late spring or early summer, will do.

The internal online network will allow team members to link in to the organization on their own personal pages, which will be updated regularly.

“It’s going to be a fresh, vibrant space where best practices and the positive core of the organization can be spread in the most effective means possible,” Matt says.

“We believe that perhaps the most important thing it’s going to do is it’s going to create a space for conversation and it’s going to allow greater levels of communication.”

The new system, developed by iTacit, is about knowledge exchange and allowing team members to take ownership of their roles within the village. Courses and training modules will be the first part of the tool to be operational and people will be able to choose the path they want to take as they grow with the organization.

“People can demonstrate initiative and gain competencies and knowledge that demonstrate that they want to make themselves eligible for the roles that we would love to have our people grow into,” Matt says.

Director of business process development Jennifer Hartwick agrees Schlegel Marketplace will be a great way to identify future leaders and give people the opportunity to decide how best to use their strengths along their career paths.

“It will give people an opportunity to self-select when they’re interested in a position,” Jennifer says, noting everyone will be able to see, in real time, the types of job openings that are available throughout the organization.

They can then decide what they can do in order to qualify for positions of interest.

Recruitment and retention of top-notch team members is one benefit of the Schlegel Marketplace, say both Matt and Jennifer, and they both agree heightened engagement is the greatest possible outcome of the new investment.

“We’re very excited about the full potential of what we’re doing with Schlegel Marketplace,” Matt says.

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