Main Street

Main Street is the gathering place and social hub of the village.  Like a traditional village, we have a variety of common areas and amenities along  Main Street. However, because the Village is indoors, it remains comfortable in any weather – winter or summer, rain or shine.

With an abundance of natural light, high ceilings and spaciousness, the Town Square is the social centre of our village and provides an inviting gathering place for residents and their guests. It is also where our large community-wide events are held.

Stroll past the hair stylist’s salon, the chapel, and the general store.  Then stop for a coffee and meet some friends at the café. Visit the gym for a little exercise or the theatre to watch a movie.  Enjoy a  quiet hour of reading in the library, a friendly game of billiards, or some time spent potting plants in the greenhouse.  Afterwards, meet your friends at the café for a snack or in the dining room for a meal.

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