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When you walk down Main Street in any one of our Villages, you will see lots of activity in our exercise and fitness centres. That’s because all of our Villages participate in the Program for Active Living. This innovative research and intervention program was founded in 1995.

Our full-time on-site kinesiologists and exercise therapists assess each resident for strength, mobility, flexibility, balance and cognition. This is done in consultation with the Neurobehavioural Assessment and Rehabilitation Program at the University of Waterloo. These assessments help us create an individualized activity and care plan designed to maximize functional independence. Usually, this includes one-on-one as well as group exercise and activity programs. This program has been recognized as a leading practice by Accreditation Canada.

Our kinesiologists have many stories they have shared about the power of this program to enhance the lives of our residents.  Read some of our Village Voice stories below.

Falls Prevention Month


November is Fall Prevention Month.  Check back to see what we have going on at the Village.

*A Little Effort goes a Long Way in Falls Prevention

*Falls Prevention Day at Humber Heights (Nov 14th)


PAL Village Voice Stories

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