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Heart of the community’s growth

Providing a full range of retirement living options

Schlegel Family
The Schlegel Family. Kitchener, Ontario.

When The Village of Erin Meadows first put down roots in Mississauga at the corner of Winston Churchill and Erin Centre boulevards 15 years ago, the area was still growing. Residents and team members at the long-term care home were proud to be at the heart of the community’s growth then, and they remain so today.

Like the Schlegel family who owns and operates the community, those early villagers were pioneers. They laid a foundation for the 277 new retirement living suites currently being built.

It’s a foundation of dignity, meaning, purpose, joy and, above all else, respect for the people who call the village home.

“The Schlegel Villages mission is to create villages for older adults where everyone can thrive as human beings and pursue their passions, develop new friendships, learn and grow, contribute to their community and have fun together,” says Jamie Schlegel, President and CEO of Schlegel Villages. “This has been the work of the Schlegel family for three generations since my grandparents Wilfrid and Emma Schlegel opened a small nursing home in London, Ontario in 1953.”

The third generation honours their early legacy by building homes and villages where strong relationships thrive and an honest sense of community binds residents, families, team members and community partners together. “I’m so proud of the Village of Erin Meadows team members who have created a long-term care home that provides outstanding care to seniors and is also a vibrant, active and enriching community,” Jamie says.

That’s the reputational foundation for expansion to a full range of retirement living options offered in an impressive 12-storey building featuring independent suites to fully serviced assisted living and memory care options, opening in early 2019.

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Continuum of living for today’s older adults

A continuum of care is very important to a lot of people–knowing that if your needs change, you can continue to be supported without having to move. This is especially so because where we live affects our relationships, and the continuity of the relationships, with our neighbours, friends, families and community. So being confident in the availability of a continuum of care is also so that you can maintain the relationships you have.

We tend to talk a lot about the continuum of care because it is a true need people have, and it is important to them; therefore Schlegel Villages continually thinks about innovative ways they can provide it to their residents. But really what’s more fundamentally important is the continuum of life, and living. Nobody really defines themselves or their lives by a continuum of care. What they really want is to be able to continue to lead a life that is meaningful for them.

The Village of Erin Meadows has more options for how people choose to live–how people want to live.

Overall, we need to have a focus on supporting living, not just supporting care. It’s more than just about providing good care, it’s about providing better resources and choices to support how people want to live. Schlegel Villages puts the emphasis on a continuum of living for today’s senior.

Dr. Al Power Dr. Al Power
 Geriatrician, Author and Research
 Chair at the Schlegel-University of
 Waterloo Research Institute for Aging





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