Alzheimer's Awareness Month

On January 23rd, our village came together to share and learn about what it is like to live with a diagnosis of dementia.  During Alzheimer's Awareness Month, we encourage everyone to listen and learn from those living with Alzheimers to better support them.  Here are some quotes and photos from the day.

Alzheimer Awareness Month Discussion


"I don't mind being here.  I don't have to do anything (then starts laughing).  I don't have to be responsible for cooking, shopping or driving anymore!  I can remember things from the old country, but I can't remember last week.  I have to write things down to remember."

Jessica, a team member asked "What is important to you today?"

Betty: "Being around other people and talking about the things I remember."






Alzheimer Awareness Discussion


"I want to learn more about this disease.  Will it affect me one day?  It affects everyone different.  My Mom got it when she was 70.  She experienced so many emotions.  We need to find a cure.  I know it won't be in my life time but we need to find one for the next generation.  What I have learned is that these people are not their disease.  They are humans!" -Carol, Resident at Glendale Crossing


"I was standing in my kitchen, tears rolling down my cheeks.  The doctor had just informed me I had dementia and that my mind would eventually disappear.  I was feeling sorry for myself and I thought get off your ass and do something.  I ended up going for a walk and ended up at the mall.  You'll never guess who I seen while there.  A young girl in a wheel chair and I thought, this is ridiculous.  I am feeling sorry for myself and here she is.  There are people so much worse off than I am.  I have a lot of support.  All my family is behind me".

ElderWisdom bench conversation about dementia