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#ElderWisdom shared across Ontario in June 2018
December 28, 2018
- Village Voice
In early March, Schlegel Villages was the platinum sponsor of the third incarnation of Walk With Me: Changing the Culture of Aging in Canada. Cohosted by the Schlegel-UW Research Institute for Aging and Alberta’s CapitalCare Foundation, the event is the only conference of its kind in the country,... Read more
Dorothy and Trac together in The Village at St. Clair.
December 20, 2018
- Village Voice
At least once a week for the past two years, Amanda Jones would bring her cats to work in The Village of St. Clair for part of the day so they could spend time with Dorothy, a neighbour who lives in the Kingsville neighbourhood. Dorothy generally keeps to herself, but has always enjoyed the company... Read more
“My faith teaches you to be strong, to be the best you can be and don’t give up,” Leona says.
December 18, 2018
- Village Voice
This is the time of year when generosity of spirit is at its height and everyone is a little more inclined to give of themselves to honour their loved ones, neighbours and their community. It’s also a time to be grateful for the people who carry this kindness in their hearts throughout the year,... Read more
Bob, Cy and Harry say the social aspect of the woodshop at Tansley Woods is as important as any project they may work on.
December 14, 2018
- Village Voice
Cy Ridout, Bob Milley and Harry Halsall, are gathered around the large table in the centre of the Tansley Woods woodshop where they spend a good portion of their time together. They’re inspecting a large plank of hardwood Cy and Bob have just run through the planer, and Harry notices a few deep... Read more
Stephen greets new residents who will join the Village of Erin Meadows community in February
December 13, 2018
- Village Voice
Since the middle of November, Schlegel Villages has been warming up to the Christmas season with wildly successful bazaars along the Main Streets and poinsettia dinners and Christmas socials throughout the neighbourhoods. The LTC resident and family dinner was a great success at The Village of... Read more
Maggie says she's inspired by Graham's progress, while he suggests everybody is capable, with encouragement and support.
December 6, 2018
- Village Voice
In the final weeks of 2017, Graham Earle took advantage of the early winter snows upon downhill ski slopes not often graced by 86-year-old legs. A short time later, he was diagnosed with prostate cancer, quickly losing mobility while doctors suggested he might have only months to live. He quickly... Read more
Norm, Ivy and Wes at a recent visit to Riverside Glen. Ivy "has asked every day since then if we can go back to Pop-Pop’s place to play playdough,"
December 4, 2018
- Village Voice
Norm Proulx’s granddaughter Ivy decided his name should be Pop-Pop when she was two-and-a-half years old. Her Mom Meghann jokes that he would’ve been just as happy if Ivy called him Norm; they are kindred spirits, after all, and from the moment her personality began to show itself the family could... Read more
Life quality in the villages has many depths, and the new Continuous Quality Improvement framework will help team  members in their "never-ending quest to do things better."
November 30, 2018
- Village Voice
In the past three years, a concerted effort towards quality improvement (QI) within Schlegel Villages has consistently grown. Quality improvement plans were introduced in Long-term Care homes by Health Quality Ontario in 2015, shifting the way team members looked at quality improvement from a... Read more
Brian Leyes was honoured with an Ontario Senior Achievement Award for his contributions to life in The Village of Taunton Mills. 
November 27, 2018
- Village Voice
Brian Leyes was in good company on Nov. 23 when he came before The Honourable Elizabeth Dowdeswell, Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, to receive one of 16 Ontario Senior Achievement Awards during a ceremony at Queen’s Park in Toronto. Brian Leyes, (front left) was honoured with an Ontario Senior... Read more
November 22, 2018
- Village Voice
There is something almost magical in the way two people can meet in a random setting for a short period of time, instantly connect with each other, and lay the foundation for a truly authentic friendship. They may come from different parts of the world, have vastly different experiences and be... Read more