Latest Village Voice (The Village of Arbour Trails)

Richard and Sharon together in their home at Arbour Trails with Wendy, Luis, Marisol and Gabriel.
October 8, 2019
- Village Voice
Richard Carruthers and his wife Sharon are sitting at the large table in the Council Chambers off Main Street in The Village of Arbour Trails for lunch. They are surrounded by the love of their daughter Wendy, her husband Luis and two of their beautiful grandchildren, six-year-old Gabriel and 12-... Read more
Interaction and engagement was instant with the new custom wall collections in the Emma's neighbourhood at Arbour Trails
February 21, 2019
- Signature Programs, Village Voice
In the Village of Arbour Trails where the two main streets in Emma’s neighbourhood converge, Heather Luth sits upon a chair holding a large flash card with a simple, clear drawing of a milk bottle upon it. Several residents and a couple of team members are gathered around telling stories from the... Read more
Aspen Lake's Jake Corrent plays "Simon Scream" during an Innovation Summit session on theatre and improv as a tool the enhance life quality and improve mental health.
June 21, 2018
- Village Voice
Gabrielle Uger fell in love with theatre long ago and that love never faded from her system. Through a life path that carried her from Texas to Northern Ontario and eventually Guelph, where she discovered a new love working alongside residents in The Village of Arbour Trails, the artistic and... Read more
The Right Honourable David Johnston says #ElderWidsom is a way to cherish our teachers.
June 7, 2018
- Village Voice
Shortly after it was announced that the Right Honourable David Johnston, the 28th Governor General of Canada, had joined the board of Schlegel Health Care overseeing Homewood Health and Schlegel Villages, he spoke about the current #ElderWisdom campaign spearheaded by Schlegel Villages. The Right... Read more
April 17, 2018
- Village Voice
Marianne Gaettens recalls an Open House at her home in The Village of Arbour Trails encouraging residents to get a feeling for what life is like in each of the neighbourhoods throughout the continuum of care. Marianne is among those who live independently with very little need of support, but the... Read more
February 15, 2018
- Village Voice
When the final votes were tallied and the judges offered their insights, the chefs from Schlegel Villages won the title of ‘Most Creative Dish’ at the Cardiac Health Foundation of Canada Healthy Hearts Chef Challenge on Feb. 7 in Toronto. Chefs Caitlin Boucher,George Madalena, Kevin Hughes &... Read more
November 30, 2017
- Village Voice
Margaret Stinson with Lt. Gov. Elizabeth Dowdeswell and Dipika Damerla, Minister of Seniors Affairs. Two Schlegel Villages residents stood before The Honourable Elizabeth Dowdeswell, Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, at Queen’s Park on Nov. 29 to receive honours for their dedicated service to others... Read more
November 7, 2017
- Village Voice
On a clear September morning, George Madalena steps out from the kitchen at The Village of Arbour Trails where he spends the bulk of his time. As the Director of Food and Hospitality in the Village, George is one of the key people residents want to know, for he oversees what for many consider to be... Read more
October 17, 2017
- Village Voice
The love and devotion Margaret and Ivan Stinson have for Canada is as vast as the country itself, and nearly as deep as the love they’ve held for each other over the decades, growing ever deeper by the day. Margaret and Ivan Stinson never miss an opportunity to connect to Village life. Honouring... Read more
March 21, 2017
- Village Voice
At Emma’s in Arbour Trails, residents and team are inspired to bake a little more Few could argue that in terms of comfort, not much beats walking into a room filled with the sweet smells of fresh baked goods wafting from the kitchen. The scents attract people, enticing them to make their way... Read more