Latest Village Voice (The Village of Tansley Woods)

May 3, 2018
- Village Voice
The basement in The Village of Tansley Woods is a hive of activity. Team members on break share stories over coffee and light snacks, while not far away the kitchen hums with busyness as lunch is prepared for village residents. Tina and Mary have come to be close friends, thanks in large part to... Read more
April 10, 2018
- Village Voice
Libby Ryan really only picked up quilting as a hobby when she retired from her career as an occupational therapist, though that means she has more than 30 years of practice in the art. Libby Ryan and the dignity quilt she made for Tansley Woods. It’s a passion, she says. Wall hangings or baby’s... Read more
March 20, 2018
- Signature Programs, Village Voice
On a random Thursday in mid-November while wandering through The Village of Tansley Woods in Burlington, the sounds of singing in the community centre off the long-term care Main Street catch my attention. I recognize the music as part of the Java Music Club, and venture in to ask if I might sit in... Read more
February 6, 2018
- Village Voice
With the temperature in Southern Ontario pushing 10-15 degrees below zero in the early part of February with snow piling up and more in the forecast, the Tansley Trippers are thinking back fondly to the October trip they took to Aruba. Some of the Tansley Trippers in the waters of Aruba. Team... Read more
December 21, 2017
- Village Voice
One of the most common refrains during the holiday season is that love of family and friends is the most cherished of gifts. This certainly rings true within Schlegel Villages, which in every way is an extension of the family that founded the organization and has welcomed thousands of residents,... Read more
December 12, 2017
- Village Voice
Every Thursday, a large circle of friends gathers in the library in The Village of Tansley Woods . Knitting needles and crochet hooks clack away quietly as the friends chat, discussing every aspect of life imaginable. Some of the ladies call the village home, but most of them are connected through... Read more
August 17, 2017
- Village Voice
Fellowship draws the community a little closer together When the group of men from the Village of Tansley Woods who make up “The Old Boys Club” met Ron Schlegel during a visit to the Research Institute for Aging (RIA) Headquarters in Waterloo, he made a point of telling them he liked the club name... Read more
June 23, 2017
- Village Voice
Wisdom of the Elder event showcases immense wealth of talent and creativity “It’s amazing, the abilities that you find,” said Ross Knee while surveying the hall at Bingeman’s Park in Kitchener that, on June 22, housed more than 120 of his fellow residents from across 16 Schlegel Villages, each one... Read more
May 18, 2017
- Village Voice
Residents reap the rewards when a neighbourhood team functions smoothly There are two things in any type of team setting a true leader must consider, said Dr. Mark Eys during a presentation and the Schlegel Villages leadership retreat in Brampton: they must promote performance and also harmony... Read more
May 9, 2017
- Village Voice
Expanding the Village Model a key priority for Schlegel Villages In late 2015/early 2016, Schlegel Villages formalized its five-year strategic plan targeting seven key priorities that will help the organization achieve four main goals: Enhance the Village Model as a thriving social environment for... Read more