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A renewal of vows for Harry and Margaret McMahon on Aug. 16 to mark their 65th Wedding Anniversary
August 21, 2018
- Village Voice
When I step into the Community Centre at The Village of Erin Meadows on Aug. 20, recreation director Sami Kermani greets me as she always does, with a wide smile and outstretched arms for a hug. I’ve come for a meeting of The Village Advisory Team, which gathers regularly to help guide The Village... Read more
A song presented by John and Sylverne was "just another example of the things that the team members do that nobody ever hears about and never makes the press,” says Ernie Ilson (centre), “but they happen 10,000 times a day.”
August 9, 2018
- Village Voice
Simone had lived at The Village of Erin Meadows for but two short months when the team and her family realized she had little time left. It is remarkable, however, to see how deep a connection can be built in such a short time, and that depth showed the day before Simone passed away when a song... Read more
Phyllis, Jennifer and Journey became fast friends while sitting upon the green #ElderWisdom bench.
June 4, 2018
- Signature Programs, Village Voice
Two green benches rest outside the front doors of the beautiful Meadowvale Community Centre and Library in Mississauga, just north of The Village of Erin Meadows. Upon one sits Phyllis Webster, a resident of nearby Erin Mills Lodge. Beside her is Jennifer Hill and her daughter Journey, smiling... Read more
March 29, 2018
- Village Voice
In early March, nearly 400 people from across Canada, the United States and as far away as Japan converged on the Sheraton Hotel and Conference Centre in Niagara Falls for Walk With Me: Changing the Culture of Aging in Canada , hosted by the Schlegel-UW Research Institute for Aging (RIA) and... Read more
March 22, 2018
- Village Voice
A few years ago, The Village of Erin Meadows shifted its approach to the loss of a resident. For the longest time in the long-term care sector, death was a subject to be hidden from view, supposedly in the hopes of protecting other residents from the reality of their own mortality. But as the shift... Read more
January 12, 2018
- Village Voice
Harry McMahon sits in the country kitchen of the Sheridan neighbourhood of The Village of Erin Meadows, not far from his wife Margaret’s room. Outside the kitchen, a young recreation team member plays familiar songs upon a guitar; inside he and Margaret hold hands as they share the story of their... Read more
November 30, 2017
- Village Voice
Margaret Stinson with Lt. Gov. Elizabeth Dowdeswell and Dipika Damerla, Minister of Seniors Affairs. Two Schlegel Villages residents stood before The Honourable Elizabeth Dowdeswell, Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, at Queen’s Park on Nov. 29 to receive honours for their dedicated service to others... Read more
October 24, 2017
- Village Voice
When Anjali Thatte began volunteering alongside horticultural therapist Nancy McPhee in the greenhouse at The Village of Erin Meadows in early 2014, she saw it as a pleasant duty she had to complete. She had no experience with long-term care and no idea what to expect. It wasn’t long, however,... Read more
August 24, 2017
- Village Voice
Erin Meadows shows neighbours what is possible in long-term care The annual Walk for Memories fundraiser in the name of the Alzheimer’s Society is an event that for many reasons connects closely to Schlegel Villages team members and residents. The Village of Erin Meadows had to pass on this year’s... Read more
August 14, 2017
- Village Voice
Twenty years ago, a group of American professionals from within the long-term care sector came together under the mutual understanding that the aged and aging souls who’d helped to build their society were being failed by the system designed to support them in their final years. David Kent during... Read more