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Grace has seen the relationship with her grandfather Aldo blossom in the past few years.
August 20, 2019
- Village Voice
The relationship between grandparent and grandchild can be a remarkably special one, and it’s a relationship Schlegel Villages wants to celebrate in the lead-up to Grandparent’s Day Sept. 8. Perhaps it’s the fact that the pressures of parenthood have lessened in the minds of a grandparent that they... Read more
Dedicated support means the same care providers work with the same residents consistently, creating opportunites for  deeper, more meaningful relationships to form. 
August 9, 2019
- Village Voice
Jackie Campbell loves people. She would strike up a conversation with anyone receptive to it, and they were drawn to her upbeat, outgoing personality. Her husband, Allan, says that even today – nine years after she moved to The Village of Sandalwood Park in Brampton – there are three cashiers at... Read more
February 28, 2019
- Village Voice
The vast majority of people who move into a long-term care home will make no more moves in their lifetime. Ideally, they’ll move into a place where they can forge new friendships and find meaning and joy in their days, but there is no denying that end-of-life is a matter of fact in a long-term care... Read more
February 20, 2019
- Village Voice
Personal support worker Bev Williams admits she was skeptical when the idea of dedicated support was first introduced in the Elliott neighbourbood of The Village of Sandalwood Park in the fall of 2018. Bev, Rosa and Bibi say that teamwork and communication are critical if dedicated support is going... Read more
Tribute to a man who lived his life to the fullest, despite an early diagnosis of the disease as we mark World Alzheimer's Day
September 20, 2018
- Village Voice
In honour of World Alzheimer’s Day, marked globally on Sept. 21, The Village Voice pays tribute to a man who lived his life to the fullest, despite an early diagnosis of the disease. To sit in Ross Knee’s room in The Village of Sandalwood Park was to sit in a small museum dedicated to aeronautics... Read more
July 25, 2018
- Village Voice
A small restorative care team at The Village of Sandalwood Park takes time on a regular basis to review stats on each resident’s health, eager to highlight those who have the potential to benefit from the restorative care program. In the fall of 2017, a fairly new resident named Frank Porter came... Read more
October 31, 2017
- Village Voice
Moises and Maria Oliveira sit together on Main Street in the Village of Sandalwood Park, holding hands as they talk, laughing the whole time it seems. She always made him laugh, Moises says: “She says so many things to make everybody laugh.” Maria and Moises Oliveira say the love from the team at... Read more
October 18, 2017
- Village Voice
The unmistakable sounds of South Asia flood over Main Street in the Village of Sandalwood Park as it’s transformed into Diwali Mela, a festival to honour one of the world’s most celebrated Hindu traditions. Team members, families and residents were all in festive spirit for Diwali Mela at... Read more
June 13, 2017
- Village Voice
New intergenerational approach deepens connections through music Some of the most impactful programs offered in many seniors living environments offer an intergenerational component – high school students volunteering their time to help long-term care residents discover technology, for example, or... Read more
June 1, 2017
- Village Voice
Young woman decides village she volunteered at will become her new home Brampton’s Village of Sandalwood Park had a big impact on Sephra Peters’s life during the time she spent there in her later high school years, where she helped with various tasks and enjoyed the social interaction of Village... Read more