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Team members work together to support residents, and it's important that they are supported as well. 
January 28, 2020
- Village Voice
As Canadians across the country focus on mental health and wellness during the annual Let’s Talk campaign sponsored by Bell Canada on Jan. 29, Schlegel Villages looks to its team members, recognizing just how much they give to residents and the potential toll that generosity can take within the... Read more
January 23, 2020
- Village Voice
In 2018, Sandra Bradley was travelling through the small island nation of Malta when she met a fellow traveller on the same tour. When she asked where he came from, he mentioned a small, adult community near the University of Guelph called The Village by the Arboretum (VBA). She knew of it because... Read more
Sara is one of the team members supporting residents  like Valerie in the new Emma's neighbourhood at Taunton  Mills. LIVING In My Today teaches that taking the time to truly know each resident is the key to successful support. 
January 21, 2020
- Village Voice
It’s just after lunch on a Wednesday afternoon in the new Emma’s neighbourhood of The Village of Taunton Mills, and a resident named Valerie sits quietly at a table sipping a cup of tea. Team members and other residents buzz around the large open space, which is only about half-filled a few weeks... Read more
Mervin and Lois are quite content in The Village of Winston Park. 
January 16, 2020
- Village Voice
Through the farmland and backroads northwest of Waterloo lies the Village of Wellesley, where the simplicity of country living and the sense of community that thrives in rural Ontario created lasting memories for a close group of people that now call The Village of Winston Park home. Lloyd, Ruth,... Read more
At Riverside Glen, Matilda is one of the team members  who is sure to always be present when she's with a resident.
January 14, 2020
- Village Voice
To be present in the moment is one of the greatest gifts one person can give to another, for we feel valued when we are heard by another who truly believes that what we have to say is important. Within Schlegel Villages, Be Present is one of five credos that define the CONNECT the Dots Customer... Read more
A random morning as Doris helps her father with laundry is the perfect time for stories of adventure.
January 9, 2020
- Village Voice
Palmer MacLeod is sitting in the country kitchen in the new Emma’s neighbourhood in The village of Taunton Mills, the smell of fresh laundry in the air as his daughter Doris runs a load through for her father. A random morning as Doris helps her father with laundry is the perfect time for stories... Read more
Darla and her mother Pat prepare for the wedding ceremony.
January 7, 2020
- Village Voice
When Darla Walker reconnected with a dear friend, Bill, from her days in university, it was as if only weeks had passed, not decades. Life had taken them down different paths filled with challenges and difficulties, but eventually steered them once again into each other’s line of sight. Darla and... Read more
We are misguided if we only equate living with dementia with thoughts of decline and loss, for when we meet people and  support them where they are in the moment, we see they  still have much to contribute to the world around them.
December 31, 2019
- Village Voice
Dementia in all its many forms affects millions of people around the world and within Schlegel Villages and its neighbouring long-term care and retirement communities, a large percentage of residents either live with or support someone who is living with dementia. We are misguided if we only equate... Read more
December 27, 2019
- Village Voice
The word ‘growth’ springs to mind while reflecting upon the past decade at Schlegel Villages, for it’s a word that describes many aspects of the organization at the opening of the 2020s. In sheer numbers, the new Villages that have opened, expanded or been welcomed into the family is a visible... Read more
General Manager Joanna Gurd and Harry Halsall, one of Tansley Woods woodworkers who donated a special gift to children at Oakville's Brookdale Public School.
December 24, 2019
- Village Voice
The gentlemen who work away in the basement woodshop in The Village of Tansley Woods do so as much for the sake of camaraderie as they do out of a love of sawdust and power tools. All year long, they regularly get together to fashion a variety of products out of wood, most often to be donated for... Read more