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Brian Leyes was honoured with an Ontario Senior Achievement Award for his contributions to life in The Village of Taunton Mills. 
November 27, 2018
- Village Voice
Brian Leyes was in good company on Nov. 23 when he came before The Honourable Elizabeth Dowdeswell, Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, to receive one of 16 Ontario Senior Achievement Awards during a ceremony at Queen’s Park in Toronto. Brian Leyes, (front left) was honoured with an Ontario Senior... Read more
November 22, 2018
- Village Voice
There is something almost magical in the way two people can meet in a random setting for a short period of time, instantly connect with each other, and lay the foundation for a truly authentic friendship. They may come from different parts of the world, have vastly different experiences and be... Read more
Mandi has a natural ability to connect with residents.
November 20, 2018
- Village Voice
There’s a spark of Grace that Mandi McEwan brings to the neighbourhoods and residents of Riverside Glen when she’s in the village. As a personal support worker, she’s kind, empathetic, and blessed with the ability to perceive the needs of residents well beyond the physical. Mandi has a natural... Read more
Some members of the Humber Heights knitting group  that work together to raise funds for people in need  during the Christmas season. 
November 15, 2018
- Village Voice
As long as Maria Sobol has lived at The Village of Humber Heights in Etobicoke, she’s been at the helm of a core group of dedicated knitters. They meet weekly, sometimes as many as 18 of them, working together throughout the year to create inventory to be sold during the Village’s annual Christmas... Read more
"The fact that we hire kinesiologists and team members that give residents the opportunity to stand up and walk across the room,” fills Christine's days with pride. 
November 13, 2018
- Village Voice
As leaders within the Schlegel Villages community look forward to a future of expansion and growth, they realize around 1,000 new team members will be required in the next three years to meet the organization’s growing needs. And they want to attract and retain the best team members, those who... Read more
That Jack and his four brothers all chose to serve in the Second World War showed just how much one family was willing to sacrifice in the face of tyranny.
November 9, 2018
- Village Voice
On a grey November afternoon, just days before the world marks the solemn memory of countless noble sacrifices in war offered in the name of freedom, Jack Potter sits upon a sofa at his home in The Village of Riverside Glen. Upon his lap is a box filled with old photos and newspaper clippings; as... Read more
Truly knowing someone means knowing how best to support them.
November 8, 2018
- Village Voice
One of the central pillars defining the care and support offered at Schlegel Villages is the importance of truly getting to know each resident on a meaningful level, and understanding what fuels their personal sense of well being. This deep understanding is imperative for those who are living with... Read more
Brian has come from his home in Florida to speak on the final day of the organization’s annual Operational Planning retreat from the perspective of someone living with dementia.
November 6, 2018
- Village Voice
Isolated in a corner of the stage in a large convention room at the Sheraton Hotel in Niagara Falls, Brain LeBlanc sits upon a single chair with his back to an audience of 360 people connected to Schlegel Villages. The imagery is striking. With charisma and charm, Brian Leblanc, with his care... Read more
A great team member experience
October 30, 2018
- Village Voice
When Schlegel Villages first embarked on an Appreciative Inquiry summit in the fall of 2010, the organization was reimagining approaches to care and support for the residents who call a village home. It was the beginning of what has come to be known as the organization’s culture change journey, and... Read more
Grace composed an original song to say thank you to The Village she volunteered at all through school.
October 25, 2018
- Village Voice
To meet the requirements of the Grade 12 music course in her final year of high school, Grace Chretien had to compose and perform a unique piece of music. Inspiration, however, as so often happens when a deadline looms over creativity, was difficult to come by, and Grace had trouble getting started... Read more