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On a sunny morning in early May, Bob boarded a VIA train in Toronto alongside team members Angela Keller, Courtney Clouthier and Crystal Hill. They were in Ottawa by early afternoon.
May 9, 2019
- Village Voice
Bob Rook looks up from his wheelchair to a life-sized model of a reconnaissance airplane from The Great War hanging in Ottawa’s Canadian War Museum. It’s much like the one his uncle flew and died in somewhere over the bloody, mud-caked battlefields of Europe more than 15 years before Bob was born... Read more
Tracy and Ray connected easily at Hamilton Continuing Care as soon as a guitar came out.
May 2, 2019
- Village Voice
The day that Hamilton Continuing Care welcomed a new resident named Ray into the community, he wasn’t in the best of spirits. Residents moving into long-term care are facing a difficult transition in life, so his feelings were natural and not entirely uncommon. Ray brought with him a guitar,... Read more
Laura together with Schlegel Villages Chief Operating Officer Paul Brown. She says it's important that senior leaders in the organization share their personal stories to inspire those they serve to be honest about theirs. 
April 30, 2019
- Village Voice
If the second day of the annual Schlegel Villages Leadership Retreat was all about the leaders in the room looking outward to their teams to better understand how to support them, Day 1 was meant for introspection – a chance for leaders to examine their own journeys and connect to their own well... Read more
April 25, 2019
- Village Voice
The entire cycle of human development and the complexities of ‘being’ rather than ‘doing’ is the focus of a compelling discussion led by Nancy Fox during her concurrent breakout session at the annual Schlegel Villages leadership retreat this spring. As a respected leader in the movement to change... Read more
Jim Moss of Plasticity Labs says that well-being is the "single greatest predictor of organizational success."
April 23, 2019
- Village Voice
People who make their living in the caring professions – such as the 5,000-plus who support the residents of Schlegel Villages – would generally be classed as “mission” or “purpose” driven. They believe in the work they do and they put an immense amount of their personal energy into it, for in many... Read more
Paul Brown addresses Schlegel Villages Leadership Team during annual retreat
April 18, 2019
- Village Voice
Every spring and autumn, Schlegel Villages invests heavily in an internal conference for the organization’s servant leaders. These conferences – Leadership Retreat in April and Operational Planning in the fall – celebrate the ongoing quest for growth and knowledge development while reconnecting... Read more
April 15, 2019
- Village Voice
The Schlegel Villages ambassadors chosen to be part of the 2020 educational voyage to Haiti may come from different backgrounds and have unique skills to offer, but they carry one thing in common: a sincere desire to give of themselves to families from another land they’ve never met before. In... Read more
Maria and Irene,Volunteers of the Humber Heights Knitting Club.
April 11, 2019
- Village Voice
On a Wednesday morning in early April, two volunteers join a few of the residents who form the Humber Heights knitting club around the table in the Community Centre. Irene Fair is one of them. She’s been away for a few weeks recovering from knee surgery, but this morning felt strong enough to join... Read more
For nearly 30 years, Ruthie has offered her selfless kindness to the residents of Pinehaven Nursing Home.
April 9, 2019
- Village Voice
When Michelle Schultz began working in recreation at Waterloo's Pinehaven Nursing Home 12 years ago, volunteer Ruthie Thoman was already a fixture in the home. Twice a week and sometimes more often than that, Ruthie has been coming to Pinehaven for nearly 30 years, always with her kind heart open... Read more
After 73 years of marriage, Doc and Mary Belle are grateful  they are able to be together in the Village of Winston Park.
April 5, 2019
- Village Voice
It was Doc (Donald) Poll who first caught the eye of a young lady named Mary Belle at a New Year’s Eve dance in Kitchener, 1943. From across the hall, she winked at him and he saw it; he walked over and they began a dance together that would last nearly eight decades. “I liked him right from the... Read more