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Rose and her mother Margarete are so grateful for the love and healing they have seen at The Village of Tansley Woods.
January 8, 2021
- Village Voice
Margarete Clausnitzer has always lived life with love in her heart for everyone she meets. “My mother gives love and as soon as somebody does something for her, she thanks them from the bottom of her heart,” says her daughter, Rose Robertson. “She says, ‘it’s all because of love.’ ” Rose and her... Read more
After much consideration, Kylie and Staci were proud to get their vaccination to protect those they serve, as well as for their own well-being. 
January 7, 2021
- Village Voice
Staci Wale is only half-joking when she says she’s the type of person who won’t buy shampoo without spending hours researching the ingredients to make an informed decision. “If I’m putting something in my body, I want to know exactly what I’m doing,” she says. After much consideration, Kylie and... Read more
Team members from across the organization have been able to  support their brothers and sisters during times of great challenge.  Brad Schlegel was able to see this in action during his time over Christmas in The Village at St,.Clair. 
December 30, 2020
- Village Voice
At the close of year measured by sacrifice and loss, it’s worth noting what has lifted the spirit and offered signs of hope. Within the Schlegel Villages community, one such beacon has been the ways in which Villages and team members have supported each other during the times of greatest difficulty... Read more
Lynn is proud to be a source of connection for residents of the Village at University Gates.
December 10, 2020
- Village Voice
Lynn Roy retired from her position as a corporate executive in the Spring of 2019 only to quickly discover that the transition from busy days managing people across the country to filling much less busy days after leaving the job wasn’t quite what she was expecting. Lynn is proud to be a source of... Read more
Roy offers Amber some pointers as Peter watches on.
December 2, 2020
- Village Voice
It’s a typical Wednesday at The Village of Arbour Trails and Peter Moogk, Roy Nicol, and Amber Cullen banter back and forth around the billiards table in the lounge, as they do quite often most late afternoons. They sound like old friends. Roy offers Amber some pointers as Peter watches on. Peter... Read more
2020 certainly changed aspects of life and Korleen moved under the shadow of the pandemic, but precautions make a  difference and everyone can do their part to be safe, 
November 24, 2020
- Village Voice
Korleen Schmidt sits in her comfortable suite in the Williamsburg neighbourhood in The Village at University Gates. She was one of the first residents in the new retirement home and she’s reflecting on her first month in The Village. Korleen says she was drawn to her new home in the Village at... Read more
Remembrance Day
November 11, 2020
- Village Voice
On a solemn Remembrance Day four years ago, I sat with a gentleman named Victor at the back of the Town Hall in The Village of Taunton Mills for the service. As the sound of a lone bugle lamented the fallen of history, I noticed Victor weeping. Taps , that unmistakable, sorrowful melody, has... Read more
Ashlee is one of many team members recognized with a Success Award for her ability to connect with those she serves.
October 29, 2020
- Village Voice
When Ashlee Bannister was called to the stage outside The Village of Taunton Mills to accept her Success Award, she was overcome with emotion. Tears flowed down her cheeks, though her smile was wide, and it was clear this moment was much more than team member recognition; this was a moment to... Read more
Chantell and Terrance have felt immense support as they've offered to care for six children who tragically lost their parents. Some of the support came from their  Schlegel Villages family through the Wilfred Schlegel Hope Fund
October 23, 2020
- Village Voice
In early September, Chantell Hursts’ life changed while braiding a little girl’s hair. Chantell and Terrance have felt immense support as they've offered to care for six children who tragically lost their parents. Some of the support came from their Schlegel Villages family through the Wilfred... Read more
Angelo Ciardella and Trenee Webster are both personal support workers from The Village at St. Clair in Windsor
October 14, 2020
- Village Voice
When the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic was at its peak, many long-term care and retirement homes across the country grappled with immense pressure. There were so many unknowns and among the great challenges was ensuring care teams were stable, especially in homes that saw people off in 14-day... Read more