Book A Visit and Essential Caregiver Education

Please review the following educational resources prior to your visit:


We are working with the Villages to add the booking forms back to this page for general visitors.  For now, please contact your Village for more information.

Pinehaven Nursing Home

The Village of Riverside Glen

The Village of Erin Meadows

The Village of Aspen Lake 

Please use this booking system to arrange a visit with a Resident when the Resident's Essential Caregiver WILL NOT be attending the visit.  (Visits booked here will be supported by Team Members from Aspen Lake.)  If the Resident's Caregiver is attending the visit, Aspen Lake does not require any notice and arrangements can be made directly with the Resident's Caregiver who will assume responsibility for bringing the Resident outside and monitoring the visit.

The Village of Taunton Mills 

The Village of Sandalwood Park

The Village of Wentworth Heights 

Hamilton Continuing Care

*Virtual Visits for The Village of Tansley Woods 

For information about our COVID-19 precautions and updates: click here