Book A Visit and Essential Caregiver Education

When you visit you will be required to wear a mask (cloth or surgical); please bring one with you.  It is recommended that you arrive at the Village a minimum of 10 minutes in advance of your scheduled visit in order to complete active screening and travel to the designated visiting area.  You must pass screening in order to visit with your loved one. 

Please review the following educational resources:


Visitor Guideline Changes

As the province moves into a second wave of COVID-19, the government has adopted a risk-based response system to balance the well-being and safety of residents and team members.  Effective October 13th. For both LTC and retirement Villages located in Public Health regions in Alert or High Alert status based on community transmission and infection spread within the sector will have additional restrictions in place.   The following chart summarizes these restrictions for greater clarity. 

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In addition to the Villages who are in designated outbreak below is a listing showing the current status of our homes for your reference.


Below are the links to our Village Booking Requests

The Village at St. Clair

The Village of Aspen Lake

The Village of Glendale Crossing

The Village of Winston Park

Pinehaven Nursing Home

The Village at University Gates

The Village of Wentworth Heights

Hamilton Continuing Care

The Village of Tansley Woods

The Village of Arbour Trails

  • Retirement (currently experiencing covid-19 outbreak)

The Village of Riverside Glen

Erin Mills Lodge

The Village of Erin Meadows 

The Village of Sandalwood Park

The Village of Humber Heights 

Maynard Nursing Home 

Fairview Nursing Home 

Coleman Care Centre

The Village of Taunton Mills


For information about our COVID-19 precautions and updates: click here