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Village: Winston Park

Wow - so sweet of Papa to give us party favour bags on his 90th birthday party -
I bet it’s skiddles and chocolate bars! He still knows our favourite candies! Yummy.
Our Papa is the BEST! I love birthday parties!

My name is Isabella and my sister’s name is Marina.
>Oh how we love our visits with our Papa! His eyes light up when he sees us - especially when we bring him his favourite Tim Horton’s Boston cream donut. He’s so happy to see us, plays cards and tells us nursery rhymes!
 We have so much fun wheeling him around his home - we’re taking care of him like he did with his family when he was young.
We’ve met all his friends and sure put a smile on their faces too when we talk to them.
We love papas place and all his kind sweet friends he lives with.

Village: Erin Meadows

Some of the GRANDEST Grandparents at Fairview Nursing Home

My grandfather (we call him Grumpa) is kind,compassionate and always has a joke to lighten the mood. Having 4 grandchildren he always made sure he had a connection with each of us. He gave me the name ‘‘Sweetie Pie’’ for the last 12 years and that name has stuck. Sweetie Pie is the only name out of all 4 of us that stuck. If I were to tell him I won at a class race, he would remember and always make sure I knew that he was proud.

A memory I have of Grumpa is that he was always reciting poems, sometimes they were loud and clear or he was mumbling under his breath. I remember one day I asked him to tell me one, it was like 5 minutes long! About 5 years ago at our cottage we had a small party on our dock. When it came time for dinner you look in the direction of Grumpa and he is fast asleep….. Or so you think, I walk up to wake him up and he jumps and says boo... I jumped out of my skin he scared me so hard. I love Grumpa he is definitely the greatest of all he is my #1 and nothing can change that, he is the best!!!!!!

Submitted by Marisol about her Grumpa Richard at Arbour Trails

Oma would come and visit me everyday from the day I was born. She would love to spend time with my brothers and I. She used to golf with me every summer with the people from her condominium, oftentimes she would take me along with her. I wasn’t a great golfer but I loved to spend time with her, most days she would beat me. But would always give me tips when I made a mistake or a congratulations when I made a good shot. She is always very patient with my brothers and I when we got into trouble. READ MORE

Village: Taunton Mills

Village: Wentworth Heights

Village: Wentworth Heights

"Why mine is the grandest you ask? My papa is the grandest because he is always there for me. Given his limitations he tries his best to have a good time with me. We go to the park often, where my papa watches me play on the swings. He helps guide me down the slide when I get scared. He goes through the sprinkler with me when i ask him enough times (haha). My papa plays all sorts of games with me when he comes home. I love making bubble snakes, volcanos, playing corner store, and of course painting. He helps me give him hugs and kisses when I cant reach him. He is not just my papa, he is my best friend!" -Lisa Young (on behalf of her daughter)

Village: Hamilton Continuing Care

My grandpa has the nicest smile and the best hugs. He likes to play with us and snuggle baby Peter.  I like when Grandpa laughs the best, it makes my heart smile. I like to sing songs with him too.

Grandpa Joe is the Grandest according to Andrea, Frank & Peter.
Village: University Gates

My grandparent story is 34 years in the making. Not many people are as lucky as I am, at age 34, to still have a grandparent alive, let alone, see on a weekly basis. My grandparents, John and Ruth Borthwick, moved into The Village of Tansley Woods in Burlington, ON, on July 4, 2013; they were called “pioneers” since they have been there from Day 1 of the building’s inception. That was a significant day for our family. My grandparents moved out of their centrally-located townhouse and into their new home. That evening, many of us met in the still-unfinished retirement home for dinner in a special room for our family; the doors weren’t even open to the public yet! My grandparents had a lovely 2 bedroom suite with a great view. When they moved in over 6 years ago, it started a new tradition; I would visit them every Wednesday for dinner, conversation, and to provide some help around their suite. My Grandpa passed away in December 2014 and we held a celebration of his life in the Ruby restaurant in the 10th floor of the Village of Tansley Woods. It was very touching to connect with the people who came out to remember him fondly. Read More

Submitted by Lindsay Zalot
Village: Tansley Woods

Village:Taunton Mills

On my recent visit with my Grandma, Honoria Groves, she handed me a flyer about a contest to write about your grandparent and win a story to be written about your relationship. She says 'you don't have to…or you can, just a few words'.

How can anyone write 'just a few words' about the matriarch of their family? The glue that keeps us together. The smile that brightens up a room when she sees her family coming to visit, even if it's been (too long) a while since their last visit, never goes unnoticed – warm fuzzies all around.

While she sat in her “robo-chair”, my daughter Alexandria seated in her Great-Grandma's wheelchair beside Great-Grandma and my son Corwyn seated across from great-grandma in her guest chair...they played catch! At 96 years young...she still plays with her great-grandkids. She watched them play Disney Uno – or maybe she caught a brief nap – but what mattered to us was that we were there.

She has a great laugh, creative mind and a sense of humour. Since coming to Tansley Woods, she has impressed me beyond words. Her determination to “get through another year”, her strength to walk with her 'crew' (workers, aides, devices, etc.), all the while spending time playing Words with Friends on her computer. Yes, the internet. She amazes me at how much knowledge she has retained in her 96 years, and still has room for more!

Her ability to write poetry...what can I say? Her poems are the best! If you haven’t read any of it, you should ask her! She has published books! I have copies of every poem and every book! They strike a cord every time. 

She misinterpreted this contest and thought that she was to write about her grandchild. She took on the task immediately and updated the attached poem – written 9 years ago, about my daughter, Alexandria. *tear* gets me every time!

I hope you will see the love, care and compassion that Nora has and brings to everyone around her.

Before we left, she said something to me, that reminded me of something I would do. She said there are some residents, when they’re new to the village are unsure of what to expect, they want to go home, etc. and she said she tells them “you are home. We are your family.”. and I truly think she means it. Everyone that comes into her life,  becomes a friend, becomes family.

Submission by Jessica Gold about her Grandma Honoria
Village: Tansley Woods

Village: Pinehaven

My Grandma is the GRANDEST, she practically raised me while my mom and dad worked during the day.  It was so much fun, she used to read to me and play games.  One day my grandpa and I were playing catch in the back yard while my grandma watched and I threw the ball a bit too hard and my grandpa fell over trying to catch it.  He didn’t get hurt (thank goodness) but we all laughed so hard including my grandma. Grandma and I had to pick him up off the ground.
My Grandma is a FIRECRACKER! She is kind, funny and very determined so much so that she sometimes does not take no for an answer.  She’s lots of fun to talk to and cheers me up when I am sad.  My grandma also loved to bake cupcakes and also made the best dinners ever.  It was sad when we had to move her to another home but I still get to visit with her often with my mom and we know she is well taken care of and safe at the Village of Erin Meadows.

Submitted by Melissa Viegas

Village: Erin Meadows

Some grandparents often have to step in and take over the role of a parent. My papa was the first father figure in my life, I was lucky enough to be able to live next to them in a duplex for some of my childhood, and then every Christmas, march break, and summer with them. My favourite and fondest childhood memories are of picking strawberries with my papa, and making pickled beets and pies with my nana. Without the strong presence of them throughout my childhood, there is no way I would have become the person I am today.

They have been there for me for every important milestone in my life. From graduations, to moving away for the first time, to getting married at their house 2 years ago. There is no amount of words that could explain how important they are to me. 

Recently, my papa had some unfortunate difficulties with his health. Being able to be there for him through such a hard time helped me grow even closer with my nana and papa than we had before. Thankfully, he is now doing better. Every time I go to visit them (monthly, I live 4 hours away) it doesn't take my papa 15 minutes to ask the next time that I'm coming to visit. 

I can't imagine my life without my grandparents, and that is why they are the GRANDEST.

Submitted by Angela Dunn

Village: Glendale Crossing

Village: St. Clair

Sometimes grandparents have to fill some pretty big shoes sometimes and that is exactly what my Dedda did on my wedding day, June 15th 2019. 
5 years ago I lost my father to pancreatic cancer when he was only 59 years old. I was 25 years old at the time and one of the first things I thought after he passed was, "who will walk me down the aisle on my wedding day?" 

A couple years passed and I met my now husband, Cristiano,and we were set to be married! There were a few options for who would walk me down the aisle, but only one made sense, it had to be my Dedda. Since he uses a cane and his mobility has slowed down we had my brother walk me half way and my Dedda met me on the aisle for the "grand walk." 

Being the funny guy that he is, half way down the aisle he stopped and tried to turn me around and said "you know it's not too late to go back that way!" He made everyone laugh, including myself and my husband. When he gave my hand in marriage to Cristiano we had a beautiful moment, the three of us, in front of the aisle where he shared some advice about marriage and blessed us both. It is a memory I will cherish forever and am thankful for.

The GRANDEST Grandparent Steve, submitted by Nicole Gatto
Village: Wentworth Heights


Our Nonnina is the best because she is always giving us hugs and making us smile. -
Louis & Gia

Village: St. Clair

On Tina Rodrigues' 90th Birthday a celebration with her 4 children,
6 grandchildren and 13 great grandchildren was lots of fun. They all love
her and had a chance to play the drums with her. It was a fun day. She is the Greatest! ❤️❤️

See a drumming clip on Facebook | Village: Erin Meadows

This is my grandma, Doris & she is the grandest! I have such fond memories of her
growing up, she would take me on a special outing every year, just me and her
-no other grandkids. Although she has had many ups and
downs in her lifetime, she is always smiling
& I cherish every moment I’m with her! Love you lots grandma ❤️

Village: University Gates

Owen & Zac say that their grandmother,
Francesca is the GRANDEST

Village: St. Clair


Dana & Melissa share that their grandmother, Francesca is the GRANDEST

Village: St. Clair


Our great grandparents are the best! We look forward to visiting “Nanny and Poppa” because they play games with us, eat candy with us, take us on a stroll, play basketball with us, and give us endless hugs and kisses.
Carter & Brady share that their great grandparents (Pat & Audrey) are the best!
We look forward to visiting “Nanny and Poppa”
because they play games with us, eat candy with us,
take us on a stroll, play basketball with us,
and give us endless hugs and kisses.

Village: Riverside Glen


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