Welcome to the Pet Shop

Welcome to McIlwraith's Birds & Pets at Wentworth Heights.

Thomas McIlwraith (1824-1903) came to Hamilton from Scotland at the age of 29. He was one of the city's leading businessmen, but his lasting legacy came from his passionate interest in native birds of Ontario. His favourite pastime was identifying and describing birds he saw along the Niagara Escarpment near his home on McNab Street. In 1886, McIlwraith's Birds of Ontario was published the first detailed description of Canadian Birds.

When you visit the pet shop at the Village, you will meet (click name to read more):

Maggie the California Lop

Maggie the California Lop - Rabbit at Wentworth Heights

Pablo the Bearded Dragon

Pablo the Bearded Dragon - Lizard at Wentworth Heights

Petunia the Skinny Pig

Petunia the Skinny Pig at Wentworth Heights