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August 10, 2017
- Village Voice
Schlegel Villages sends more than 20 ambassadors to annual conference During the course of any serious effort towards improvement, it’s important to stop once in a while to assess progress and pay homage to the successes and failures of the past while considering the present and hopes for the... Read more
August 9, 2017
- Village Voice
Meeting the newest addition to the Schlegel Family in Toronto’s Little Portugal To walk into Maynard Nursing Home off the intersection of Ossington and Dundas in downtown Toronto’s west end is to walk back in time. The wide green space of Trinity Bellwoods Park is practically right across the... Read more
August 3, 2017
- Village Voice
Education drive seeks to enhance the dining experience for residents As the Schlegel-UW Research Institute for Aging’s Agri-food for Healthy Aging (A-HA) team was preparing to release the results of a major study into the factors that influence healthy nutritional intake among long-term care... Read more
August 1, 2017
- Village Voice
The bull sits quietly in the middle of the ring. It’s not so much taunting those who’ll attempt to ride it to the eight-second mark, but certainly tempting them to try and find the necessary fortitude and courage to carry them towards a few seconds of fame. David Rideout had no concerns about... Read more
July 27, 2017
- Village Voice
When the word innovation comes to mind, many are quick to think of a physical invention, the creation of a tool that can make life a little easier or the enhancement of existing technology to save people time and effort, for example. Jane Kuepfer, Schlegel Specialist in Sprirituality and Aging with... Read more
July 25, 2017
- Village Voice
Heads turn when Fairview Nursing Home hits the streets of Toronto upon the two new custom tricycles the home purchased this year. Each is capable of holding a resident upon a front platform that can either lock a wheelchair safely into place or offers a safe seat upon the other, and they work under... Read more
July 20, 2017
- Village Voice
Schlegel RIA Innovators offer solutions for the needs of tomorrow When Ontario’s Deputy Minister of Health and Long-Term Care addressed nearly 200 people who’d come together for the annual Schlegel Villages/ RIA Innovation Summit in June, he described the hypothetical case of “Eve”. (Click here for... Read more
July 18, 2017
- Village Voice
One of Ontario’s leading health officials poses deep questions to Schlegel innovators In mid-June, Dr. Robert Bell, Ontario’s Deputy Minister of Health and Long-Term Care, offered a keynote address to open the 3rd annual Schlegel Villages/RIA Innovation Summit. Dr. Robert Bell takes a response from... Read more
July 13, 2017
- Village Voice
Sometimes the losses a person must endure in this life come in waves, an endless barrage of challenges and sorrow creating a mountainous obstacle that seems practically insurmountable. Vicki St. Amand (right) found a new means of facing life's greatest challenges after connecting with Melissa... Read more
July 11, 2017
- Signature Programs, Village Voice
“I’ve never really stopped being a journalist,” says Marie Gleason of The Village at St. Clair. She’s standing before her small booth in the hall at Bingeman’s Park in Kitchener where she’s joined more than 120 other residents from across Schlegel Villages. As part of the Pursuit of Passions event... Read more