An Overwhelming Sense of Gratitude for Village at St. Clair

Family members say goodbye to one Schlegel Team before meeting another

The instant Cathy moved into the Village at St. Clair in Windsor, her sisters knew she was in the right place. Her sister Denise says the perfect mix of compassion, enthusiasm and professionalism infused the initial meeting they had with the team prior to Cathy’s arrival, and if anything those traits only expanded and deepened as the months went by. 

Among many things, team members at St. Clair
are praised for the genuine love they show for
the neighbours they serve in the village

Cathy was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease at the young age of 56. In the following 11 years, there were periods of decline and plateau, yet she lived quite well in a lovely retirement home in the Windsor area. In 2015, however, it became clear she needed more support and she was placed on the Community Care Access Centre crisis list awaiting a home in long-term.

Just minutes from Denise’s home, The Village of Aspen Lake was the family’s first hope for Cathy but when a bed became available at St. Clair there was no hesitation.

“It was obvious they had a keen interest in learning as much about Cathy as possible to ensure a smooth and compassionate transition,” Denise says. “We are in awe of how they care for the neighbours and the services they provide. I can’t even express it in words, the gratitude we have for having fallen into the lap of this company.”

Another sister, Jo-Anne, who lived in the same retirement home as Cathy after her husband passed away, eventually needed the support of a long-term care home as well, and the family was delighted when they received word that she would move into St. Clair.

The personalized care provided to Cathy was shown in equal measure to Jo-Anne, and the genuine love the team has for them and their fellow neighbours shone through whenever Denise or her other two sisters would visit.

“What a great feeling to arrive for a visit with my sisters and embrace the warm and friendly atmosphere in the Village,” Denise says. “Everyone smiles and says ‘hello.’ It is so welcoming.” 

Denise especially got to know the team in the Colchester neighbourhood and her reverence for their skill and compassion is clear. “Our experience with this exceptional team has us in awe,” she says. “We like to refer to these team members as our extended family. They have embraced us like family, always a warm welcome, and we sit back and watch them perform their magic with the neighbours, always with relentless energy and kindness. It is heart-warming to hear and see the love, kindness, gentle persuasion and dignity that is shown to each neighbour, regardless of the challenge they are confronted with.”

Now as Cathy and Jo-Anne prepare for a move across town to Aspen Lake, where they will be closer to Denise, Denise and her sisters wish to express their sincere appreciation for the time they’ve spent at St. Clair. Their gratitude, in fact, extends to the entire organization, and Denise says they’ll look forward to maintaining their connection to St. Clair even as they get to know the new team members at Aspen Lake.

“Thank you to the Schlegel team for establishing an innovative and exceptionally caring home environment,” Denise says. “You have created an unprecedented standard of care that your team members emulate every shift, with a smile.”