Precautionary Measures in Response to COVID-19

At Schlegel Villages, we have the honour of caring for and supporting more than 4,000 residents in 19 long-term care and retirement Villages across Ontario. Their safety – along with that of their loved ones and the team members who work in our neighbourhoods – is our top priority.  

Precautionary Measures

To protect the health and well-being of our residents, their loved ones and our team members, we have implemented a number of measures in line with our robust Infection Control Protocols and the latest Ontario Health recommendations, including:

  • Enhanced disinfecting and cleaning processes;
  • Securing a reserve supply of personal protective equipment (PPE) and other supplies, including enough surgical masks for all team members to have two per day;
  • Implementing twice daily temperature checks and active screening of residents;
  • Our entrance screeners checking team members and all essential visitors are in full PPE, including mask, gown, gloves, goggles/visor;
  • Restricting access to only essential visitors for residents who are palliative or critically ill;
  • Villages have worked hard to evaluate all areas of resident interaction – dining, recreation, etc. – and we have put in measures wherever possible to maintain physical distancing.
  • Every Village has made arrangements to move to room service for mealtimes if Public Health determines this is necessary;
  • ‘Cohorting’ is in effect in all neighbourhoods, meaning residents do not travel between neighbourhoods or between Retirement and Long-term care. This applies to team members as well to whatever extent is possible;
  • Working closely with Public Health Units to increasing testing capacity of residents and team members – note: Public Health has full control of testing for COVID-19;
  • Building and maintaining relationships with educational and training partners to ensure our staffing levels remain consistent.
  • There is no cross-over among team members in our Villages working in another LTC or Retirement locations, among part-time team members or full time alike. The team members working in our Villages only work in our Villages.

In consultation with Dr. Mark Loeb, Chair of Infectious Diseases, McMaster University,  we have added these additional precautionary measures

  • Residents are provided with cloth masks to wear when leaving their suites and when interacting with others
  • Every Village must conduct hand hygiene audits on each shift

We will update this information if and when any measure is adjusted or added.


Wednesday, July 8 - 2:00 p.m.

Organizational Update

Since our last report on Monday, we have seen some extremely heartening developments. On Monday, Public Health officials declared the Village of Sandalwood Park free from COVID-19 and today we learned that Coleman Care Centre is now officially out of outbreak monitoring. There has been no change in status at Humber Heights retirement but we’re happy to say that two more residents in the long-term care neighbourhoods have been ‘resolved.’

Our teams and residents in these last remaining affected Villages are to be commended for their efforts to manage any potential spread of the virus and we look forward to seeing the final cases at Humber Heights resolved soon. All of our teams in every Village continue to inspire us in their efforts: their use of PPE in the heat of the summer; the ongoing testing, which is not the most pleasant of experiences; their willingness to do all they can to connect residents and loved ones; all the extra time they give to residents and their dedication to each other. We thank each and every one of these great people for all they do every day, and we thank the wider community for the ongoing support. 

We remind all who continue to visit our information page that as things have slowed, we have moved from daily updates to every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and possibly Saturdays when warranted. Our goal since the start of the pandemic has been to be as open and transparent as possible and, should any need arise, the communication will become more frequent as necessary.


Cases to Date - Click table to view image large

Total Resolved Cases Across Schlegel Villages as of Today:

Residents: 183
Team members: 133

Team Member Support

Please remember there are important resources available to all team members through the Employee Family Assistance Program and Homewood Health. If anyone is struggling, this could be very helpful.The phone number is 1-800-663-1142.   

The Wilfred Schlegel Hope Fund is also an important resource and the committee has already provided team members with direct support through the fund. Applications will be assessed quickly. (Application Form)

Call To Action

We hire for heart at Schlegel Villages and we train, mentor and support our team members so they can fill their hearts by making a difference in the lives of our residents. Caregiving is hard work; it can be emotionally and physically exhausting, but it can be the most fulfilling work you have ever done. Read More


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We sincerely appreciate everyone’s cooperation and patience. We will continue to offer regular communication as any new developments arise, but in the meantime, we hope that beyond these additional precautionary measures, our residents and team members will continue to bring life to their neighbourhoods and Villages.

Please contact our communications team if you have any questions or concerns. We can be reached at