Main Street of The Village at University Gates

It Takes a Village to Care

Schlegel Villages team member introducing a puppy to a senior on main street
It Takes a Village to Care

The Schlegel Family’s mission to offer a true sense of home and belonging for older adults is fuelled by our passion and commitment to learn from the residents we serve and the team members and partners who bring our vision to life.

Our Long-term Care and Retirement Villages thrive because the family culture has only grown stronger over the course of three generations. As a mission-driven, family organization, we believe every person connected to Village life has something important to offer and, as we grow into the future, the value of each contribution can never be overstated.

Schlegel Villages team member laughing with senior by the courtyard pond
Who We Are

Schlegel Villages’ commitment to serving and respecting our elders has been guided by the family culture and values that have remained strong over the course of three generations. As a mission-driven, family organization, we believe every person connected to Village Life has an important contribution to make and, looking to the future, it will be imperative to stay firmly rooted in our values as we extend our mission further across Ontario.

Schlegel Villages team member takes senior on duet bike for a ride outside the village
Why Choose Us

Relationships are the foundation of Village life, and we pride ourselves on the connections we nourish among our residents, team members, families and community partners.

Schlegel Villages team member poses with senior man for a photo on main street at the village
Care and Services

Our Village teams strive to meet the individual needs of every person we connect with, recognizing that each person has different abilities and aspirations.  

Building tower photo with putting green and gazebo
Our Locations

Our Villages are built in prominent locations in the cities we serve across Southern Ontario so they are central to the community and eager to welcome neighbours in. With each new connection we make in our locations, the depth of our family grows.  

What others think about our Villages
Schlegel Villages team member laughing with senior
Join Our Team

You can be you while being part of our family! The strength of our Villages is found in our team members, who are the keepers of our unique family culture. We're eager to meet new team members and share with them all the opportunities to grow within Village life.

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