Our Aspirations

Promote Cross-Functional Teams

Cross Functional TeamsIn our Villages, all team members are engaged with every aspect of resident and Village Life by fostering collaboration within each Neighbourhood.
“Working together to put LIVING first.”

Create Opportunities for Meaningful & Shared Activities

Life in our Villages is filled with meaning, purpose and shared moments.  We recognize that the most natural activity can provide fulfillment and growth, and we support residents in defining experiences that bring them meaning.
“Live life to the fullest.”

Connect Research and Innovation to Village Life

Our Villages are wellsprings of innovation, making small changes with huge impact.  Research informs our practices, and Village Life informs research.  Residents, families and team members are engaged in the culture of innovation.
“Challenge the status quo.”

Offer Flexible Living

Our Villages are flexible, supporting residents to choose what they want, when they want it, and how they want it.  Residents make their own decisions regarding meal times & food choices, individualized care, and how they spend their time.  Our commitment is driven by our belief in the importance of promoting and respecting individuality.
“Live life your way.”

Foster Authentic Relationships

At our Villages, authentic relationships begin by knowing and connecting with each other.  They flourish when we honour and respect the unique personalities and life stories of everyone in the Village. 
“Know me, respect me.”

Honour Diversity in Village Life

Our Villages are recognized communities of acceptance.  Everyone is included and respected in their spirituality, cultural diversity and individual diversity.  We celebrate and support life purpose within the community.
“Embraced, just as I am.”

Promote Resident Empowerment

Our Villages support our residents’ right to choose, and encourage residents to contribute to Village Life and their community which fosters purpose, meaning and growth. 
“Residents are our leaders.”

Cultivate the Ultimate Team Member Experience

At Schlegel Villages, we have an amazing culture that stellar team members want to be a part of. We care about our team members as much as we care about our residents. As one family, we learn, grow, and move forward together. We are passionate and find fulfillment in making a difference in people’s lives. Our caring community honours and encourages well-being, and team members are appreciated in personally meaningful ways. Through mentorship, ongoing support, and education we are empowered to go beyond the status quo, and unleash our full potential.
“You can be you while being a part of our family.”