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LATEST: Episode #49 - Spirituality & Aging in Long-Term Care & Retirement homes can build connection and community.  Erin Davis & Doug Robinson welcome Dr. Jane Kuepfer, PhD, MDiv, RP to the green bench to share about her role as the Schlegel Specialist in Spirituality and Aging, her hopes for the future, how spirituality is embraced and supported in all homes, and why.(Links)

Erin Davis hosts the Stories from the Green Bench podcast, a virtual place to share, learn, grow, laugh and more in conversations with her co-host and a variety of guests. The Green Bench is a symbol of elder wisdom. Physically or virtually, the bench invites us all to sit alongside a senior, share a conversation, or give and offer advice.

It challenges the stigma seniors face; the ageism still so prevalent in society. It reminds us of the wealth of wisdom our elders offer and in doing so, helps restore them to a place of reverence.

”The greatest untapped resource in Canada, if not the world, is the collective wisdom of our elders.” -Ron Schlegel

Your seat on the green bench is ready and waiting.

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Episode List

  1. Douglas Robinson - Working in the hospitality industry, a brush with royalty, 60 years married, alzheimers and grief

  2. Sally Carter - A career educating in food service, traveling, family and relationships

  3. Doug Gilmour - A story of a successful life amongst tragedies, overcoming adversity with persistence

  4. Louise Jolliffe - Women in the workplace, loving the work you do, and a variety of hobbies

  5. Barry Hickling - Discrimination through ageism, working with the Ontario Association of Residents' Councils and hope for the future

  6. Hank Floyd - A life with no regrets, servant leadership and various workplaces

  7. Ron Schlegel - Family business in Senior Living and more, stories from the Olympics and Innovation

  8. Dee Preikschas - Dancing with Parkinson's and the importance of humour in our day

  9. Doug Reed - Life in media and giving back through the Salvation Army

  10. Judy Stefnitz - A chance for a dance, career in nursing, and parenting with challenges

  11. Lloyd Hetherington - Turning the spotlight on our co-host to share his life story

  12. David Boehm - A musician with a spirit of living life to its fullest, and all about connections

  13. Ruth White - Canada road trips, living and sailing in Bermuda, and a spirit of trying new things

  14. Bruce MacNeil - Growing a garden, a community and friendships through volunteeris‪m

  15. Margaret Collard - A life given to ministry & outreach work, respect and care for everyone individually

  16. Trish Baird & Merry Snider - The role of an RPN & PSW in senior living, relationships & grief

  17. Deborah Bakti - Author of Now What? Managing the Emotional Journey of Long Term Care for Families

  18. Patricia & Dennis Bayley - A pursuit of passions, hobbies, poetry, traveling & laughter

  19. Kathe Kleinau - Importance of storytelling and a collection of interviews among neighbours

  20. Beth Goodwin - Caring for a loved one living with dementia and being in the moment

  21. Steve Smith - a fascinating career as Red Green, stories from beyond the show and goose control

  22. Brendan Rossiter - Dublin to Canada, wisdom about work, kicking habits and being resourceful

  23. Annie Whittle - connection to Harry Styles through passion for knitting, keeping busy, and how to eat a pomegranate

  24. Betty Anne Millar - A fairytale career in the shopping mall industry, dressing to raise your spirits, and planning for later stages of life

  25. Ross C. Morton - Stories of a one-room schoolhouse, importance of sharing history, and reflections of time in the RCAF

  26. Korleen Schmidt - the full circle of life, combining love for geography & theology

  27. Sheri Noecker - A story of sudden illness, inspiration after a stroke, and the Program for Active Living

  28. Donna Duncan - reimagining long-term care, building community, and combatting ageism together

  29. Dr. Rea Brown - McGill University student & athlete, remarkable medical career and surgeon during the Montreal massacre

  30. Felix Rommens - Living with hearing impairment, keeping hands busy with art, and growing up during WW2

  31. Rita Munro - How does your garden grow? Gardening, Nursing, and Journalism

  32. Season 1 Finale - Reflections, gratitude, and tribute to the wisdom of Season 1

  33. Corrine Richard on meeting the Dionne Quintuplets, working the carnival and family relations

  34. Pam Wiebe share her story of changing careers and family culture at Schlegel Village

  35. ”Who are you, anyway?” with The Right Honourable David Johnston

  36. Meaningful relationships and growth in spirituality with Jack Paleczny

  37. One Hundred Years of Wisdom with Aunt Reta (Reta Baechler)

  38. Recipes, memories, pasta, and the past with Anna Piccoli & daughter Franca

  39. Joyce Stankiewicz on caring for a loved one with dementia and the buddy system at University Gates

  40. June Campbell on Newfoundland joining Canada, marriages, and fascinating stories of travel

  41. Hildegarde Bolter on resilience in life, leaving her husband and being a German child in the war

  42. Virginia Barry on swimming, canoeing, and being a lifetime member of Beta Sigma Phi

  43. Dr. Bob Bell - Expert on healthcare for an aging population and prolific author of fiction

  44. Bucket Lists, Family Trees, and Moving to Glendale Crossing with Ivan Siriani

  45. Public Speaking and Being a Grandma with Shirley Arthur

  46. Critical thinking, long-distance relationships, and reading with Evelyn Brindle

  47. Raising a musical family and quirky gardening with Angela Willis

  48. Benefits of #ElderWisdom and the Role of a DLO with Branka Matijevic

  49. Dr. Jane Kuepfer on how spirituality in LTC & Retirement homes can build community


May 18, 2021 - BONUS: Kaye Brown & Jeff Studman - covid-19, working/living in long-term care through the pandemic and hopes for the future

September 7, 2021 - BONUS | Jamie Schlegel - What is long-term care, an inside look at the Schlegel Villages organization, and the importance of community

October 25, 2022 - BONUS | Resident Voices in Long-Term Care with OARC’s Melissa McVie & Devora Greenspon


Learn more about our hosts

Erin Davis built a career as a morning radio host whose voice is familiar to hundreds of thousands of Toronto-area listeners. Today she is a best-selling author, keynote speaker, interviewer, and storyteller with a gift for conversation that brightens up each episode.

Doug Robinson, a resident of The Village of Sandalwood Park in Brampton, originally from England, Doug Robinson made a beautiful life in Canada alongside his wife of 62 years. He lives by a light of personal philosophy to always stay positive, and that served him well through a career in hospitality and as a parent and grandparent. He was the first guest on the podcast and says he’s excited to be part of the team moving forward alongside co-host Erin Davis, with whom he’s built natural chemistry.  

Lloyd Hetherington (Co-host 2020/21) is passionate about education, spending most of his working life as an officer with the Salvation Army all across Canada and in the heart of central Africa. He’s a proud father, grandfather and he believes that no matter your age, there is always something to offer and to learn; he inspires others to find wisdom in their pursuit of education  

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Dec 27, 2020 | Guelph-based podcast shares stories of seniors across Ontario | CBC News
Dec 28, 2020 | 85-year-old retirement resident in Guelph picks up podcast hosting during pandemic | CTV Kitchener