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Enjoy the #ElderWisdom podcast hosted by Erin Davis and co-host Lloyd Hetherington as they explore friendship, tragedy, love, life, learning and so much more in conversations with seniors on the 'virtual' green bench.


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Erin Davis built a career as a morning radio host whose voice is familiar to hundreds of thousands of Toronto-area listeners. Today she is a best-selling author, keynote speaker, interviewer and storyteller with a gift for conversation that brightens up each episode.

Lloyd Hetherington is passionate about education, spending most of his working life as an officer with the Salvation Army all across Canada and in the heart of central Africa. He’s a proud father, grandfather and he believes that no matter your age, there is always something to offer and to learn; he inspires others to find wisdom in their pursuit of education  


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Episode List

  1. Douglas Robinson - Working in the hospitality industry, a brush with royalty, 60 years married, alzheimers and grief
  2. Sally Carter - A career educating in food service, traveling, family and relationships
  3. Doug Gilmour - A story of a successful life amongst tragedies, overcoming adversity with persistence
  4. Louise Jolliffe - Women in the workplace, loving the work you do, and a variety of hobbies
  5. Barry Hickling - Discrimination through ageism, working with the Ontario Association of Residents' Councils and hope for the future
  6. Hank Floyd - A life with no regrets, servant leadership and various workplaces
  7. Ron Schlegel - Family business in Senior Living and more, stories from the Olympics and Innovation
  8. Dee Preikschas - Dancing with Parkinson's and the importance of humour in our day
  9. Doug Reed - Life in media and giving back through the Salvation Army
  10. Judy Stefnitz - A chance for a dance, career in nursing, and parenting with challenges
  11. Lloyd Hetherington - Turning the spotlight on our co-host to share his life story
  12. David Boehm - A musician with a spirit of living life to its fullest, and all about connections
  13. Ruth White - Canada road trips, living and sailing in Bermuda, and a spirit of trying new things
  14. Bruce MacNeil - Growing a garden, a community and friendships through volunteeris‪m
  15. Margaret Collard - A life given to ministry & outreach work, respect and care for everyone individually


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