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Innovation Catalysts dressed in yellow shirts are lined up alongside team members from the Schlegel Villages Support Office at the 2022 Innovation Summit.
November 29, 2022
- Village Voice
In its quest to continually enhance the care and support offered to the aging members of society, Schlegel Villages is guided by eight aspirations, one of which is to “connect research and innovation to Village life.” Innovation Catalysts gather with Support Office team members at the 2022 Schlegel... Read more
Jane Kuepfer on the Green Bench to promote the #ElderWisdom podcast episode #49
November 29, 2022
- Signature Programs, In the News
LATEST: Episode #49 - Spirituality & Aging in Long-Term Care & Retirement homes can build connection and community. Erin Davis & Doug Robinson welcome Dr. Jane Kuepfer , PhD, MDiv, RP to the green bench to share about her role as the Schlegel Specialist in Spirituality and Aging, her... Read more
Sharon and Jean have had a lovely connection for some 17 years at The Village of Humber Heights.
November 15, 2022
- Village Voice
When The Village of Humber Heights opened its Long-Term Care home in 2005, Jean Marie Kendall was among the first residents to move into the Lambton neighbourhood. Sharon Brown remembers those days well, as she was among the first team members in The Village and she has also doubled as private... Read more
eteran Nick Bruno had the opportunity to speak with MPP Graham McGregor and Paul Calandra, Minister of Long-Term Care, during their recent visit to The Village of Sandalwood Park.  
November 11, 2022
- Village Voice
It’s the week of Remembrance Day and across all Schlegel Villages, the red and white of the Canadian flag blends with poppy red along every Main Street and neighbourhood. Notes of music from the late-30s and early-40s float to the ear once in a while, and images of blue birds over the White Cliffs... Read more
Frida has been a fixture in The Village at University Gates for years and when she needed support, her Village and the entire Schlegel Villages community was there through the Wilfred Schlegel Hope Fund. (Photo by Sunny Ticknor-Malton)
November 3, 2022
- Village Voice
When Frida Blanco needed the warm embrace of her Village Community to help her through a hard time, The Village at University Gates and the extended Schlegel Villages family was there through the Wilfred Schlegel Hope Fund. Frida has been a fixture in The Village at University Gates for years and... Read more
Graduates of the Leadership in Senior Living Course were  recognized during the Schlegel Villages Operational Planning retreat.
October 28, 2022
- Village Voice
When people from across Schlegel Villages came together in early October for the first Operational Planning retreat held in person since the fall of 2019, there were many reasons to celebrate. After a strenuous recent past, a hopeful future was chief among them, and when the room honoured the most... Read more
The act of creating space for a Schlegel Villages Family Reunion alone offers a sense of belonging
October 14, 2022
- Village Voice
Exactly three years passed to the day since members of each Village in the extended Schlegel Villages family shared space and time together for the organization’s Operational Planning Retreat in Niagara Falls. Dr. Robyne Hanley-Dafoe spoke to the Schlegel Villages Family about the power of shared... Read more
National Day of Truth and Reconciliation - Orange with a heart
September 30, 2022
- In the News
The knowledge, experience and wisdom of the First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples of the land we now call Canada guided the first settlers when they arrived from overseas centuries ago. Without this early sharing of knowledge, the early arrivals to a new and bountiful land would have been... Read more
Christine Hames and Rob Schlegel join Mike Sharratt's family  at the unveiling of the plaque at Winston Park that honours his legacy through the Michael T. Sharratt Program for Active Living.
September 29, 2022
- Signature Programs, Village Voice
Mike Sharratt was many things in life: a student, professor, mentor and friend. He was a family man who cared deeply for his wife and three sons, but he was also a guide for so many others, always pushing people to understand the importance of daily physical activity for people of all ages. He was... Read more
The Schlegel Ambassadors in Denver for the Pioneer Network Conference. 
August 31, 2022
- Village Voice
The group of 18 Schlegel Villages ambassadors that attended the Pioneer Network Conference in Colorado in July were a mix of veteran team members and leaders, new team members who joined the Villages during the height of pandemic measures, as well as a kind-hearted resident, Doug, and his daughter... Read more