About Us

It Takes a Village to Care.

Canadian owned and operated, Schlegel Villages manages quality long-term care and retirement Villages across Ontario. It was 1953 when Wilfred Schlegel bought the family’s first nursing home and today our Villages benefit from a legacy of many years of direct experience co-owning, managing and operating Long-Term Care and Retirement Communities in Ontario. Take a glance at our strategic plan.

Our Defining Features

Physical Design

Physical Design, Gazebo

The Hallmark feature of the Schlegel Villages design is the Town Square and Main Street concept, which promotes social interaction and quality of life. Like any village, this is where the action happens; it’s where residents greet each other throughout the day, where celebrations take place and where people gather to discuss the happenings of Village Life. The Town Hall, the Café and the Community Centre are focal points along Main Street, and the extensive use of windows and skylights flood the street with natural light on even the cloudiest of days. Outside, the residential flavour expands, with patios, sloping rooflines and beautiful landscaping.

Homes that have joined the Schlegel Villages family through acquisition will one day become a fully built and designed signature Schlegel Village.

Investment in People

Resident and Team MemberOur residents’ satisfaction is directly connected to the engagement of our teams, so the right team is critical when striving to offer the best service possible. We’ve implemented our own unique SUCCESS program to help us develop confident, exceptional team members. We regularly offer training programs, including Neighbourhood Team Development, Leadership for Long Term Care and Retirement Living, as well as specialized training in dementia care, wound care and complex physical care. Schlegel Villages has also partnered with Conestoga College to offer the 10-module “Excellence in Resident-Centred Care” program.

Integration with the Larger Community

Seniors on bench outside villageAge-friendly community living surrounds all of our Villages; they’re close to churches, schools, parks, services and shopping centres, and they’re easily accessed by public transit. We promote community involvement, inviting neighbours from the surrounding communities to participate in social, recreational and fitness programs alongside the residents of each Village. Our Community Connections program also offers unique opportunities to people living in the local community to engage in Village life.


Research Institute for Aging building

Our programs are designed with much more than entertainment in mind. We provide a mix of opportunities for residents to meet physical, social, psychological and spiritual needs. It would be easy to be satisfied with providing good programs and simply maintaining the status quo, but that’s not in our value system. We embrace the belief that there is always room to do things even better.

Through research and innovation, we are always advancing quality of care and quality of life for residents. The Schlegel-UW Research Institute for Aging was made possible through donations by the Schlegel family, and its mandate is to enhance seniors’ care through research and training. Residents and team members regularly participate in research projects, building a culture of innovation and continuous quality improvement in each of the villages.