Ashton Applewhite | Episode #66

Author and speaker, Ashton Applewhite on the #ElderWisdom podcastHosts Kathy Buckworth and Evelyn Brindle delve into the pervasive issue of ageism with renowned author and activist Ashton Applewhite. The discussion opens with personal anecdotes from Kathy and Evelyn, who share their experiences of ageism in professional and personal settings, highlighting its subtle yet impactful presence in everyday interactions, especially in the workplace and healthcare.

Ashton Applewhite, known for her advocacy and extensive work on ageism, defines it as discrimination and stereotyping based on a person's age. She emphasizes that ageism is a two-way street, affecting both the young and the old, and discusses the internalized biases that we may unknowingly harbor. Ashton's insights extend to the broader societal impacts, including the economic implications of ageism, which costs billions annually in healthcare alone due to inadequate care and forced early retirement.

The conversation also touches on practical steps individuals and communities can take to combat ageism. Ashton encourages starting small, by reevaluating our own perceptions of aging and challenging ageist remarks in our circles. A discussion on the #ElderWisdom Pledge and the symbolic Green Bench initiative, which fosters Intergenerational conversations and respects the wisdom of older adults.

Listeners are encouraged to reflect on their own biases and take active steps towards creating a more inclusive society that values individuals at every stage of life.

This episode not only sheds light on the nuances of ageism but also inspires a collective movement towards a world where age is celebrated and valued, rather than used as a criterion for exclusion.


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The Green Bench is a symbol of elder wisdom. Physically or virtually, the bench invites us all to sit alongside a senior, share a conversation, or give and offer advice.

It challenges the stigma seniors face; the ageism still so prevalent in society. It reminds us of the wealth of wisdom our elders offer and in doing so, helps restore them to a place of reverence.

”The greatest untapped resource in Canada, if not the world, is the collective wisdom of our elders.” -Ron Schlegel