Trish Baird & Merry Snider | Episode #16

Trish Baird and Merry Snider on the Green Bench celebrating Caregivers/HeroesA conversation with two people who are the strong threads that bind this quilt of a caring community together.  Celebrating team members at Schlegel Villages during Caregivers‘ Week we welcome Trish Baird from The Village at University Gates and Merry Snider from The Village of Winston Park.

Trish began as a Personal Support Worker and is currently a Registered Practical Nurse at The Village at University Gates in Waterloo.  ‘Behind every great nurse, there is a running PSW‘.  She shares the differences between an RPN and a PSW, but both rely on each other to fully take care of each resident.

Merry, found her calling to the PSW role working with seniors through her relationship with her great-grandmother.  Learning the history of seniors she cares for allows her to better care for them. ”Seniors give me joy, they give me so much comfort” - Merry Snider

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