Erin Davis and Doug Robinson | Episode #51

Doug Robinson and Erin Davis as guest on the #ElderWisdom podcastEpisode #51 - Sharing our gratitude to Erin Davis & Doug Robinson as they pass the microphones to our new co-hosts Kathy Buckworth & Evelyn Brindle.  Have a listen to the farewells, welcomes, laughter, tears, singing and wealth of #ElderWisdom as we kick off the 5th season and transition of our hosts.


Kathy Buckworth and Evelyn Brindle CaricatureKathy Buckworth has a long history as a radio personality and listeners will recognize her as the host of the radio show and podcast Go-To Grandma on Zoomer Radio. She’s a mother of four and a grandmother of two, and she has shared her perspective on the art of parenting in six separate books.

Evelyn Brindle is a resident of The Village of Erin Meadows retirement community in Mississauga and she holds a Masters Degree in Journalism. She’s a two-time cancer survivor, a mother, and a grandmother, and her energy and enthusiasm are contagious; many might be surprised to learn that she is in her 85th year, but then that is the point of the #ElderWisdom podcast.   Episode #46 featuring Evelyn.

Doug shares about the Pearls of Wisdom feature being added to this year’s podcasts.  We invite seniors from around the world to submit their voices and #ElderWisdom with us with the chance to be on the podcast.

Visit, where you will be prompted to share your answer to these questions:

  1. Who have you looked up to in your life and what wisdom from them do you keep with you?
  2. What has been an unexpected source of joy for you?
  3. Are there any words of wisdom that you wish to share with the younger generation?

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