Aunt Reta Baechler | Episode #37

Reta Baechler shares her story from the green bench on the #ElderWisdom podcastReta Baechler is the first centenarian guest to join Erin Davis and Doug Robinson on the green bench-as she shares her many years of wisdom and wit with us.  Aunt Reta as we know her is the Aunt to Ron Schlegel who you heard from in episode 7.

A Prestigious Club: The number of centenarians in Canada rose to 12, 822 as of July 1st, 2021.

Aunt Reta is the sister to Wilfred Schlegel who is the father of Ron Schlegel.  Five siblings with 3 older brothers and one younger brother and one younger sister, grew up on the farm outside Tavistock, Ontario.

”Every Saturday morning we had to trim the wicks to make sure they would burn evenly.”

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