Esther Pulis | Episode #60

Esther Pulis sitting on the green #ElderWisdom benchIn this episode, Kathy Buckworth & Evelyn Brindle welcome Esther Pulis from The Village of Taunton Mills to the Green Bench to share captivating stories about her life in both Malta and Canada.

Having immigrated from Malta to Canada in 1965, Esther already had some family members residing in Canada. Coming from a large family of six sisters and five brothers, Esther and her sisters carried on the tradition of creating carnival floats and costumes in both Malta and Canada.

Esther's father was a performer, and she herself used to sing during their performances, bridging the gap between drama and farce. A creative individual, Esther still finds joy in knitting and mentions her desire to design a float promoting peace if her husband were still alive. Overall, Esther provides valuable insights into her experiences and the creative activities that she and her family engaged in, both in Malta and Canada.

Throughout the episode, Esther emphasizes the significance of maintaining close family ties and fostering a sense of community. She shares her advice on achieving this, which includes inviting family members to every event and gathering, preparing abundant food, and engaging in shared activities such as playing bingo and cards.

Esther firmly believes that family always holds paramount importance and should take precedence over friendships. She also expresses her excitement about an upcoming gathering at her son's place, where her niece and her family from Canada will be visiting.

She highlights the importance of staying together as a family and eagerly anticipates the opportunity to see her niece. Additionally, the host mentions the presence of Maltese food during these family gatherings, suggesting that food plays a role in bringing people together and fostering a sense of connection.

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