Heather Luth | Bonus Episode

Heather Luth shares about the Schlegel Villages dementia program and philosophyIn this BONUS episode of ”#ElderWisdom Stories from the Green Bench,” hosts Kathy Buckworth and Evelyn Brindle speak with Heather Luth, Director of Dementia for Schlegel Villages. They discuss the philosophy and program called ”Living in My Today,” as well as Heather’s journey to becoming a dementia specialist. This episode provides valuable information and helpful ideas for understanding and relating to individuals with dementia.

Five Pillars of LIVING in My Today; Meaningful and Active Engagement; Enjoyable Mealtimes; Empowered Care Partners; Thoughtful Design; and Supportive Approaches to Care. 

"We want to make sure that our homes are vibrant parts of the community." - Heather Luth, Director of Dementia

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