Bruce MacNeil | Episode #14

Bruce MacNeil, gardener and volunteer at Winston ParkTalking dirty in this episode, a conversation about soil.  81-year-old Bruce MacNeil joins us on the green bench in a conversation about his love for horticulture and for being a Volunteer at The Village of Winston Park in Kitchener.

"Come on in and make yourself homely."

As we celebrate National Volunteer Week in April, this episode is a way for us to honour those who give of their time as volunteers in whatever they choose to do for their communities.  "Thank you to all volunteers who make their contributions, so selflessly as they make our residences a real habitation of joy." - Lloyd Hetherington

Volunteerism has passed through generations in the MacNeil family as he shares stories of his parents and now his grandchildren.

 "We plant in soil and we play in dirt."

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Bruce is not only growing a garden but growing friendships and relationships with everyone at the Village.  He uses gardening as a therapy, including storytelling.  He has also involved his grandchildren in his volunteering at The Village teaching them these skills.

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