Kaye Brown & Jeff Studman | Bonus Episode

Kaye Brown and Jeff Studman share on this bonus episode of the #ElderWisdom podcastBonus Episode - We turn our focus to Covid-19 and thank Kaye & Jeff for sharing in this important and timely discussion. The Village at St. Clair has recently garnered negative attention in the news and online media.  Hear their stories about having covid, working/living in long-term care through the pandemic and their hopes for the future.

Erin Davis & Lloyd Hetherington are grateful to be joined for a conversation on the green bench to hear these stories.

Kaye Brown, resident of the Village at St. Clair and president of the Residents‘ Council following in her father‘s footsteps as he was the mayor of Winsdor, England.

Jeff Studman, Personal Support Worker at the Village at St. Clair joins us to share his experience in Village life and throughout this pandemic.

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