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Living In My Today

It Takes A Village To Care, and our unique approach to support for those we serve who are living with the changing perceptions that dementia can create shows the best of our care philosophy.

Inspired by the simple desire to offer the best support possible, LIVING in My Today is our signature dementia program, developed over five years to reflect the shift towards wellness among leading care providers and dementia experts around the world. People living with dementia and those who love and support them were our greatest collaborators on this project. They encouraged us to find hope in every moment, not focus on what is lost.

Program Goals

Our emphasis is on developing relationships, while the experience of those living with dementia forms the foundation of The Five Pillars of LIVING in My Today.

Living in My Today is based on five pillars
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Living in My Today is based on five pillars
  • Meaningful and Active Engagement;
  • Enjoyable Mealtimes;
  • Empowered Care Partners;
  • Thoughtful Design;
  • Supportive Approaches to Care.
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LIVING in My Today MEETS the Need for a Life Lived Well with Dementia

The reality is that dementia changes how people perceive and experience the world around them. At Schlegel Villages, we believe there is no “loss of self”, but rather a “change in self”.  LIVING in My Today supports people living with dementia as they tap into their strengths, express themselves and enjoy the comfort and security of friendships in a place where they experience acceptance and belonging. Our emphasis on developing relationships while understanding the experience of those living with dementia forms the foundation of The Five Pillars of LIVING in My Today: (MEETSMeaningful and Active Engagement; Enjoyable Mealtimes; Empowered Care Partners; Thoughtful Design; and Supportive Approaches.

The only thing certain in life is change, and dementia is an unexpected change that impacts each individual in unique ways. At Schlegel Villages, we have the tools, training and resources in best approaches to help us support people living with dementia in living well each day, regardless of what that day looks like. We’re proud of the foundation we’ve built in LIVING in My Today and the extensive work and collaboration that brought the program to life. It is a solid foundation in the evolution of dementia care and we’re hopeful because from here we know it can only grow stronger.

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