Carole Jordan | Pursuit of Passions

"My crafts bring joy to my life and to others. I may not have chosen this path, but it has led me to discover a talent and passion that I never knew existed."

Carole Jordan black and white portrait showcasing her crafts

Carole Jordan's passion for crafting has offered warmth to many homes for over 20 years. Despite the effects of an accident, she continues to create beautiful coasters and perfect her skills. The positive feedback she receives motivates her to continue creating and sharing her talent with others.

She enjoys giving her crafts as gifts and has received numerous orders from satisfied customers. Crafting has taught her patience, and allowed her to meet new people and learn new things. Carole urges others to pursue their passions for the joy it brings and although she hasn't found any new passions in her later years, her love for crafting continues to inspire those around her.

Carole showing her book with photos of her craftsCarole working on her craftsPassion: Crafts
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