Marcy Brown | Pursuit of Passions

"Being a part of my book club has brought me so much joy over the years. It's not just about reading and discussing books, it's about building and maintaining meaningful friendships. It's a space where we can share our perspectives and learn from one another. I truly believe that pursuing your passions with others can make all the difference in life."

Marcy Brown black and white portrait showcasing her love for book club

Marcelline “Marcy” Brown is a book club enthusiast at The Village of Tansley Woods, where she found a community of people who shared her passion for reading. Since 2003, being part of her book club has strengthened her friendships and kept them close, despite living in different cities.

Through the club, Marcy has learned about others' perspectives and developed her literacy skills. Marcy advises others with unexplored passions to find like-minded individuals to learn from. Besides reading, Marcy has also developed new passions for skiing, tennis, and exercise programs, enriching her life in her later years. She hopes others can find fulfillment in pursuing their passions, too.

Marcy showing many booksMarcy using an audio book machinePassion: Book Club
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