Marie Henderson | Pursuit of Passions

"Puzzling is not just about putting the pieces together, it's about finding the beauty in the process and creating something wonderful out of nothing."

Marie Henderson black and white portrait with puzzle pieces falling

Marie Henderson discovered her passion for puzzles as a child, but since moving to Schlegel Villages, that passion has grown. Marie spends hours working on puzzles and her book of completed puzzles is a testament to her dedication and skill.

For Marie, puzzling is not just about the pieces; she enjoys the social aspects and often shares her completed puzzles with friends. Marie's advice to others with a passion is to think of all the good they could do for others. Puzzling has been a source of happiness and purpose in her later years, and she hopes others can find that same fulfillment in their own passions.

Marie working on a puzzleMarie's book of completed puzzlesPassion: Puzzles
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