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"A hand-written letter is like a warm hug that you can keep forever. It's a lost art that we need to bring back to life. Write a letter to someone you love today, and make their day a little brighter."

Shirley Charron black and white portrait showcasing her passion for letter writing

Shirley had always known the power of a hand-written letter, but it wasn't until her son's schizophrenia diagnosis that she realized how much impact a simple letter has. Through advocacy, she became a voice for the mental health community and played a pivotal role in creating new supports.

Her passion for letter-writing touches many lives and she often writes to fellow residents and team members to brighten their day.

“Don't forget the power of a handwritten note,” she advises. In a world constantly connected through technology, a heartfelt card or letter makes a lasting impression.

Though she hasn't found any new passions to pursue, her legacy as a master letter writer and advocate will continue to inspire others for years to come.

writing a letterShirley Charron throws papers in the air for this portraitPassion: Letter Writing
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