Independent Living

In Ailsa Craig, our Independent Living Apartments are designed so you can enjoy an active, fulfilling life without having to worry about household chores, as housekeeping and linen laundry are included. With access to all of the amenities and events on Main Street, you can be as busy or as quiet as you like.

You are able to choose a spacious one or two-bedroom suite with a full kitchen and in-suite washer and dryer. This lifestyle option allows you the flexibility to prepare all of your own meals, although you can add a meal plan, buy occasional meal tickets, if you wish, or you may choose to dine at The Ruby, a full restaurant experience on the 10th floor.

Resident enjoying a glass of wine in her Independent Living apartment at her desk

Our Ailsa Craig Neighbourhood has a Story

Ailsa Craig, a small town twenty miles west of London Ontario was home to Ronald Schlegel from the age of five through to marriage and having a family of three boys with wife Barbara. It is a place that defines small-town Ontario, with a grocery store, church, post office, library, restaurant, and coffee shop – a place where people from the area come to gather in community, interact with one another and share stories. This small town was the inspiration behind Ron’s vision of building his senior communities as a Village, where residents could enjoy each other’s company and feel the same sense of belonging that Ron felt while growing up in Ailsa Craig. 

Senior Couple enjoy each others company in their apartment
Senior man encouraging his wife to play the piano in the town square at the Village

Our Independent Living Apartments form the Ailsa Craig Neighbourhood and represent the hallmark in which our Village philosophy was born. Residents enjoy their own “home” in a self-sustaining apartment, with ample space and a full kitchen, washer, and dryer but more importantly being able to easily engage in the activities and amenities on Main Street.

Whether it be visiting the library, saying hello to friends at the café, joining church service in the chapel, or simply picking up milk at the General Store, it all makes a visit to Main Street and Town Square a time to enjoy the company of others and engage in purposeful activity, just like life before moving into a retirement community.


  • Full kitchen
  • In-suite washer and dryer
  • Weekly housekeeping and linen laundry service
  • Access to all amenities on Main Street
  • Underground parking and storage are available at most locations
  • A la carte meal plans or care services can be added
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We invite you to contact a Director of Lifestyle Options in our Welcome Centre to discuss the retirement options listed below or your Home and Community Support Services provider for long-term care availability.