Memory Care

Emma's neighbourhood is designed for residents living with memory loss and offers care and recreation programs specifically designed for those with Alzheimer's Disease and other related forms of dementia.

Residents will enjoy private time in either a studio or one-bedroom suite, while also having access to gathering spaces and programs in the Neighbourhood, as well as larger Village programs on Main Street.

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At Schlegel Villages, we believe there is no “loss of self”, but rather a “change in self” with the progression of dementia. Our Signature Program, LIVING in My Today, supports people living with dementia as they tap into their strengths, express themselves and enjoy the comfort and security of friendships in a place where they experience acceptance and belonging.

Our Emma's Neighbourhood has a Story

At Schlegel Villages, we strive for Emma's Neighbourhood to be a Safe and Vibrant place where everyone can thrive.

Emma Schlegel was an independent woman, a dedicated mother who cared for her family with compassion and grace in a rambling farmhouse in Ailsa Craig, a small farming community outside London, Ontario. For her community and family, she was a pillar of support and the compassion she embodied still guides the Schlegel Villages community, founded by her son, Ron Schlegel. Even in her later years, as memory loss increased following a stroke in 1981, her independence and will remained entrenched in her personality. She lived with dementia for almost 9 years, and her experience and those of her loved ones is a cornerstone in our approach to caring for older adults living with dementia when independent living is no longer feasible.

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Before his passing, Emma’s husband Wilfred, who had worked in elder care early in his career, built an apartment for Emma in a seniors housing complex. His intentions were good, but Emma would only live there a short time for in her mind no other person would make decisions for her. She moved back to the farmhouse where her niece cared for her for 10 years. When the challenges became too great, a nursing home was the only option. She resisted the move with the same sense of independence that guided her all her life, and her son Ron recalls all too well how her short time at the nursing home robbed her of her personhood. Staff there saw her as “non-compliant” and difficult, at times, though no effort was made to get to know who she was as a person and what gave her joy in life or caused her frustration. She died after four restless months there, and Ron knew at that time that he would try to change the way those living with dementia would be cared for in their final years.


• safe, secure neighbourhood for residents living with dementia
• three meals daily
• medication administration
• support with personal care
• daily bed making
• weekly housekeeping and linen laundry service
• weekly assisted bath or shower
• extra care and support can be added

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We invite you to contact a Director of Lifestyle Options in our Welcome Centre to discuss the retirement options listed below or your Home and Community Support Services provider for long-term care availability.