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Village expands to include retirement Living

Long-term care and retirement converge in the Village’s Town Square

For 16 years, the indoorMain Street at the Village of Erin Meadows has offered a modern view of life in a long-term care setting.

Residents of varying ages and abilities showcase the diversity that defines the City of Mississauga, and the vibrancy of Erin Meadows is a point of pride within the Schlegel Villages organization.

The Village Main Street is now fully extended with the opening of the new retirement neighbourhoods as of February 25, 2019.

Expanding the Village to a full continuum of living offers residents the ability to come to the Village earlier in life so they can enjoy a strong sense of community. Fully independent apartments to a high level of support offered through our Assisted Living and Memory Care neighbourhoods are just some of the many lifestyle options offered at the Village.

Long-term care and retirement converge in the Village’s Town Square–a four-storey atrium flooded with natural light where people make their first impressions of village life. The outdoors are brought inside, bright and clear on even the coldest of days. Music rises high into the airiness of the square during special events; this is where the people dance, sing and socialize.

The Main Street offers all a Villager might ever need. The café lines the square, as does the library just beside the sanctuary of the chapel. Across the street, McCurdy’s pub, with its billiards table and warmth of camaraderie, invites Villagers and guests alike. Continue down to the Riverstone Spa and Salon, Pet Shop, Community Centre, Town Hall and General Store.

Perhaps the greatest beauty in this Village; past the Town Square; beyond the vast views of Mississauga from the suites on the top floor; past the gorgeous dining space and menu of The Ruby restaurant on the 12th floor; is the connectedness of the Villagers themselves. Erin Meadows isn’t merely designed to look and feel like a Village–it truly is one. It’s a place where every resident, family and team member belongs, where the mission to create and nurture meaning and purpose in life creates the deepest sense of community with roots that go back 16 years.

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