Always Looking Forward

The day Lloyd Hetherington moved to The Village of Riverside Glen, he started the pursuit of a new life goal. This is a man who has created and achieved countless goals over the years and, though this one may seem modest by comparison, he will attack it wholeheartedly. He points to a book among many in the corner of his suite and explains: “I’ve committed myself to studying Spanish. I’m not a linguist,” he admits; “I struggle with it but I started the day I arrived and I’ve been at it ever since.”

Ongoing education has always been a core facet of Lloyd’s life. He began his career as a school teacher before changing paths to study theology. In his career of service to others through The Salvation Army, education was his focus, whether in Zambia in the heart of Africa or in his many postings across Canada. That he continues to pursue education in his later years is no surprise. Spanish is but one aspect of this in his new home where he moved only weeks before the COVID-19 pandemic fully struck in Ontario. Despite any restrictions the home faced, Lloyd continued to seek out new challenges.

He’s been a guest on a local radio show, sharing insights during the pandemic; he will represent Schlegel Villages as co-host of a new podcast discussing the wisdom of our elders; and he shares his perspective on faith in guest sermons for fellow residents. He recently took part in an international conference hosted virtually by The Pioneer Network, a U.S.-based organization focused on changing perceptions of aging.

“I will be more cognizant of the person-centred ethos that permeates our home and attempt to foster this attitude in my relationships,” he says, reflecting on that three-day event online.

Service to others, which he sees in team members in The Village every day, falls in line with the values he and his wife Margaret always cherished. When her health began to fade, they moved to the community next to Riverside Glen, grateful for the warm welcome the team in the Village offered them as neighbours. “In a sense, we were a part of Riverside Glen for years,” he says. After his beloved wife passed away three years ago, the choice to make the move was an easy one. He waited until the right suite became available and he hasn’t looked back.

Lloyd is always looking forward, and he does so with ease at Riverside Glen.

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