Volunteering is Music to Our Ears

Volunteering ~ Music to Our Ears!

On the first of February, 2016, Mary brought her mother, Nora, to live at the Village at St Clair

Mary never missed a day or an opportunity to spend time with her mother.  Having a keyboard available to play on Nora’s neighbourhood, she would play the instrument in hopes of bringing comfort and joy to her mother.  She was pleased that her playing was enjoyed by many neighbours and team members.    

Mary found herself immerse in Village life.  When she was not spending time with her Mother, she volunteered her time to play for the Village choir, became a Java Mentor volunteer and supports many village events and community outings. 

It was after Nora’s passing in April of 2017 that Mary was inspired to create a new program for the Village at St Clair.  “I had this vision of me volunteering my time to play the harp for the neighbours-I wanted the neighbours to feel my love for the harp and in essence they would feel loved too. “I love the harp, for all its mystical wonder.  The harp plays an important role in many folktales and legends,” she remarks. 

In fact, Mary says that the harp is her favourite because she feels that people can connect to its beautiful tones and healing vibrations.  

 Music, I feel, is a way of giving people a voice who cannot speak.”  She recalls after one of her sessions which she creatively calls “Healing by the Hearth”, a neighbour exclaiming, “Wow, that was magical!”

On the death of her mother, I asked Mary quite frankly if it bothered her to continue as a volunteer for the Village.    

With a look of utter amazement on her face, she smiled at me and said, “I just love this organization: its mission, vision and values.  I truly love it here because there is a feeling of faith.   It was a comfort to return to the Village after my mother passed. …the team members were so warm and it was the feeling of coming back home to people who really cared.”

Mary, we at the Village at St Clair are so thankful that you are able to share your love of music with our neighbours.  Your beautiful spirit is a blessing to our Village.  

Mary Savard, Volunteer at The village at St. Clair


 May the music from an angel`s harp lift your spirits and touch your soul`

~Author unknown