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“Anytime I see someone who works at Schlegel Villages, I can tell that they work at Schlegel Villages in the way that they carry themselves and the way they speak of what they do,” Antonio says. “It’s different.”
June 14, 2021
- Village Voice
Antonio Guglietti has been a respiratory therapist with ProResp for 17 years, often supporting patients in their own home but also caring for the needs of long-term care residents in need of supplemental respiratory support. The first connection he ever had with Schlegel Villages was in The Village... Read more
Schlegel Villages as whole has made a point to open conversations around diversity and inclusion during Pride Month.
June 10, 2021
- Village Voice
You can be you while being a part of our family. This is a key phrase that Schlegel Villages uses when introducing the core values of the organization to potential new team members, but it applies to everyone. As Villages across the organization collectively marked Pride on June 9, this phrase came... Read more
Vasil with his grandchildren, Emerson and Ronan. The children gave their Papa and his fellow residents the gift of music in a virtual piano concert
June 3, 2021
- Village Voice
According to his son Jason, Vasil Henry would have loved to play the piano, but he never had the opportunity as a young person to learn. Time has a way of moving people past earlier ambitions, so Vasil’s love of playing music was something he tried to pass onto his sons when they were young. Jason... Read more
Rick and Don are so grateful for Erin Meadows,  home to both Don and his lovely wife, Helen. 
June 1, 2021
- Village Voice
Don and Helen Cofell retired to the small town of Stirling Ont., just north of Belleville, for love of the quiet, country atmosphere and the opportunity to be involved in community life. Helen, especially, made her presence felt in countless volunteer capacities, and was recognized in 2017 for her... Read more
Pride at Schlegel Villages
June 1, 2021
- In the News
As our Villages and our organization celebrates Pride Month, it is amazing to think how far the world has come since the days when my grandfather opened our family’s first care home for seniors nearly 70 years ago. People and communities change thanks to the lessons and teachings of each generation... Read more
"I just wanted to make sure the residents needs were being met; that was my priority." -Emlyn Charles
May 27, 2021
- Village Voice
The moment Emlyn Charles first took over Erin Mills Lodge in Mississauga as a ProResp respiratory therapist, she felt welcome. “Right from the get-go, they were interested in knowing me, knowing what I do and how they can better assist me,” Emlyn says. It wasn’t just the clinical team that made her... Read more
Shirley is proud to offer gratitude for the care and support she has received the past 10 years at The Village of Tansley Woods.
May 26, 2021
- Village Voice
At around midday on April 18, 2021, Shirley Arthur asked the lead nurse in her Bronte neighbourhood if she could use the intercom system. While this may have been a perplexing request, Bronte’s PSW’s cheered her on and encouraged her to make an announcement. In the minutes after, Shirley spoke from... Read more
Noel and Victor ride the duet bike at The Village at St. Clair in Windsor
May 25, 2021
- Village Voice
When Victor Domagala’s health began to turn and the support staff with the Erie St. Clair Local Health Integration Network suggested his wife Gail consider the possibility of long-term care, she consulted a friend who works in the sector in the Woodstock area. Noel and Victor at The Village at St... Read more
Sachpreet Kaur, Swastika Karki and Sunita Thapa all felt they could add a little comfort to those residents they knew would appreciate a trim
May 10, 2021
- Village Voice
Thousands of caregivers across Schlegel Villages bring a gift from within themselves to the residents they serve. Their kindness, compassion, dedication and unique personalities blend with the people they support to create a family within their Village and, as Caregiver’s Week unfolds, they are... Read more
As and expecting mother, Laurie is thankful she had access to vaccination against COVID-19.
May 7, 2021
- Village Voice
Kate Broadbelt and Laurie Wolf have many things in common. They work in the service of others in retirement and long-term care homes because they value the relationships they develop among the diverse people who live there. They believe in holistic well-being and the role they can play in... Read more