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Learn something new week at The Village at University Gates
February 5, 2019
- Village Voice
Before Carol Maltby moved into The Village at University Gates in 2017, she’d never taken the time to paint a picture and she’d never tried making sushi. At 80, however, she says she’s still young enough to learn new things so she took advantage of “Learn Something New” week at the Village in mid-... Read more
The Wentworth Heights team is proud to mentor PSW students in the new Mohawk College Living Classroom.
February 1, 2019
- Village Voice
The Personal Support Workers who care for and assist the vulnerable people of any community are a special group of people; their selfless dedication to others comes from the deepest roots of compassion, and their kindness can lift the darkest of spirits. On Jan. 31, The Village of Wentworth Heights... Read more
Supporting Residents, Team Members and Families at the Villages on #BellLetsTalk Day and throughout the year.
January 30, 2019
- Village Voice
In recent years, stigma surrounding mental illness has slowly been chiseled away thanks in part to awareness campaigns such as the Let’s Talk initiative, launched by Bell Canada in 2010. Within Schlegel Villages in that same period of time, the importance of mental health and wellness has become... Read more
The Children's day camps offered some of the most rewarding experiences during past trips to Haiti.
January 25, 2019
- Village Voice
From the depths of the Canadian winter, thoughts within Schlegel Villages have turned to friends and neighbours under the Caribbean sun as the call goes out for applications to join the next trip to Haiti in early 2020. This will be the fourth time a team has travelled to Haiti to learn about life... Read more
Doc Wright (second from right) is considered by many to be a legend in the Windsor music scene. 
January 22, 2019
- Village Voice
Doc Wright lies back on his bed with a well-worn Fender electric guitar cradled in his arms. The unmistakable riff that opens Chuck Berry’s Johnny B. Goode pours out and Doc grins a little as he explains that this was the song that first made him want to play the guitar. Doc Wright (second from... Read more
The trip to the track that summer day wasn’t an outing for people living with dementia or a support program – “we just were a group of friends that had a great time,” Bryce said.
January 17, 2019
- Village Voice
In June 2018, Riverside Glen general manager Bryce McBain sent an e-mail to some of the Schlegel Villages support office team members. Attached were two photos, one with a resident named Frank sitting in a purple GoKart looking out from behind a yellow helmet, the other of Bryce alongside another... Read more
With the Wilfred Schlegel Hope Fund, team members can be "receivers of care," in times of need. 
January 15, 2019
- Village Voice
The idea of the Wilfred Schlegel Hope Fund takes the concept of the “Village community” to a whole new level, says one of the committee members who helps administer the emergency funds to team members in need. “We are literally supporting people we have never met before from other villages, because... Read more
Barry is preparing to get a third certificate in the LIVING the  Dementia Journey education program. 
January 10, 2019
- Village Voice
The role of genuine compassion while supporting a person living with dementia is one of the most important things Barry Hickling learned through his participation in the LIVING the Dementia Journey (LDJ) education program offered at his home in The Village of Aspen Lake. Barry is preparing to get a... Read more
Betsy and Alex together at The Village of Aspen Lake in Windsor
January 8, 2019
- Village Voice
One may never know how the life of their loved one touched the lives of others, especially when they live apart. For those with connections to the Village of Aspen Lake, it’s often only after a neighbour has passed that their loved ones come to understand. During a memorial service, they are... Read more
LIVING In My Today is an investment in the well-being of those who are living with dementia, a guide to supporting them as they strive to live their best days possible, moment to moment.
January 2, 2019
- Signature Programs, Village Voice
After five years of development in collaboration with some of the world’s leading experts in dementia support, Schlegel Villages is preparing to launch its signature dementia program in 2019. For decades, prevailing approaches to dementia support focused on maintaining, improving or mitigating... Read more